When yesterday came

There was a story

Told by sages

Of times

And trials

Lost to memory

Written in stone

Broken into

Forgotten sands

Such are the pages

History told

In voices

Long silent

Language unknown

Ears shuttered

Truth is not words

The best evidence

Only found

In the fires

Of mind!

Photo by gfs – Haleakala Sunset, Maui HI

Rear view mirror

Where were we

When today opened

It’s door

And asked

Us to enter

Love’s season

Timelessly traced

The reason away

Turned out to wonder


Summer days wanting

For winters return

While watching

Our lives


Rear view mirrors

While the sun

Courses days

Through our sky

Photo: Winter Stream at John Boyd Thatcher State Park by gfs

Crystal Eyes

what memories
live inside
these words
what feelings
lie hushed
under a morning
of new fallen

through icy fingers
in her mind
the way Spring’s
swollen streams
wash hilltop
tumble stones
into greening

maybe he
held her gaze
too long
in dreams
crystal eyes
wide open
where the heart
yearns to hold
onto colors
faded to black
and white
between sheets
of rain
and thoughts of
coming home

Photo: https://wallpaperstock.net/purple-sky-fog-sun-trees-snowy_wallpapers_40503_1920x1200_1.html

The darkest hour

Dark before dawn

Rounds as spheres reflect the sun
Revolve since time began
A word beget in light beyond
Our wisdom and our tears

This then the silent melody
The music only heard
By ears untuned to earthly things
Were silence seldom roams

Across the reaches space and time
Have come to know our ways
The shadows cast before our steps
Were taken into thee

These the days and hours spent
Longing for the light
The darkest hour came to be
In dreams before the dawn

So these mere words
Could grace the page
And in the eye behold
Some message from this bard

Who left eternity to seek
The fires of the heart
In precious days on bended knee
The beauty of her love

Imagee: http://vickitidwellpalmer.com/the-dark-before-dawn/

Reflections of the Inner Light


nothing is as it seems
heart strings are played
as if a toy lute
love sinks deep
into the abyss
looking for light
underneath source
is only a reflection
and cannot be seen
with all the eyes
in sadness
still staring
still tearing
only felt
with the heart
by the warm glow
an ever present
sacred sun
who gives life
to shadows
on the walls
as mirrors of
a bless’ed
inner light

Image: http://lotr.wikia.com/wiki/Gondor

Under world


Were we ever
so broken
where we came to be
lost in a time
far away
deep was the darkness
solemn the dreams
seems no matter
how far
we will search
would not cut
the darkness
of worlds

This was the night
where the soul
never was
or meant
to find harbor
to call home
here was no shelter
or wind
within seasons
leaving hearts
still withholding
letting go
was this life
all of these reasons
for the fall

from some garden
some shelter
from storms
where forever
was found
east of Eden
not far from Rome
to roam
lost horizons
the spaces still wait
waves of reason
settled the ways
and means
gave forgiveness
to be
our only
our own
for someday
some season
to come

into loves
of living entwined
in passion
the full moon
will rise
as a silvery sun
just the same
‘neath the waves
as another
comes round
what thought
left today
into night
for the seeker
to rest
suns setting
in silence

Photo: ‘Atlantis Sunset’ by gfs

The Dark Night


On bended knee is where we find
Through our lives a wind will blow
Storms will rise with thunder claps
and moon swept tides will flow

Waters churn into the night
Darkness settles on the land
Lovers lost in narratives
Can minds competing understand

How the heart still longs to love
Clings to promises of faith
Lonely from the lies in leather
Tears leave stains upon the lace

The dark night of the soul will come
and go again by days between
The lessons learned in living still
fill galleries of all we’ve seen

Image: http://wallpoper.com/wallpaper/dark-night-342639