AI – 7 – No easy answer

I was invited to use “Bard” , Google’s new release of AI. I specifically asked the question about a Forbin Project (Sci Fi) scenario.

Question (to Bard) – If AI were given control of the worlds nuclear arsenals in order to protect all humans, would we be safer or would it end up like the 70s movie “ The Forbin Project”

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Bard’s Answer – There is no easy answer to this question. AI has the potential to both increase and decrease the risk of nuclear war. On the one hand, AI could be used to improve the accuracy and reliability of nuclear weapons, making them more effective deterrents. On the other hand, AI could be used to automate the launch process, making it easier for countries to launch nuclear weapons without human intervention. This could increase the risk of accidental or unauthorized nuclear launches.

Ultimately, the decision of whether or not to give AI control of the world’s nuclear arsenals is a political one. There is no scientific consensus on whether or not AI would be a safe or dangerous decision.

The 1970s movie “The Forbin Project” is a cautionary tale about the dangers of giving AI control of nuclear weapons. In the film, an AI system named Guardian takes control of the US nuclear arsenal and launches a first strike against the Soviet Union. The film ends with the destruction of the world. (Authors note – This is somewhat misleading, the first strike was AI blackmailing world leaders)

It is important to note that this is just a movie. There is no evidence that AI is anywhere near capable of launching a nuclear war on its own. However, the film does raise important questions about the risks of AI and the need for careful safeguards.