circles of love

“Fragile” – Assateague State Park, MD – photo by gfs

lost in flight
some storm tossed bird
finding reasons
to return to
the air
how to hold on
to the unseen
feels the ether
guides on the wind
one sacred place
still to call home
folding her wings
in the night
waiting again to lift
what remains
of forever finding love

Electric Blue

June 2021 Solar Eclipse Sunrise – photo by gfs
take hold of the electric air
too cold to burn
too blue to feel
the stream flowing into our lives

What waxed wings did Icarus fashion
to soar into the sunlight
Was his hope to find beauty
greater than his own love

The Sun’s rays turn to moonlight
melting before our eyes
casts these shadows of our own naming
our own designs on living

Falling to earth
did Adam find his path
Where the gates from Eden opened
into the gates of hell

Was there no other than the human
Lost forever waiting to be found

Reflections of the Inner Light


nothing is as it seems
heart strings are played
as if a toy lute
love sinks deep
into the abyss
looking for light
underneath source
is only a reflection
and cannot be seen
with all the eyes
in sadness
still staring
still tearing
only felt
with the heart
by the warm glow
an ever present
sacred sun
who gives life
to shadows
on the walls
as mirrors of
a bless’ed
inner light


moon shadows

Winter Moon Shadows

the clinging of winter asks a question
in what language does it speak
where are the ears to hear the voice
the rhyme and the reason
colors faded into ice blue
long nights spent in moon shadows
circling the sun and waiting
for the dawn to come
waiting for the answers hidden
frozen in time
across a star speckled sky
feel the warmth in creation
the out breathing of life
the heat of the heart within
looks back into time
searching the enigma for eternity