Rear view mirror

Where were we

When today opened

Its door

And asked

Us to enter

Love’s season

Timelessly traced

The reason away

Turned out to wander


Summer days wanting

For winters return

While watching

Our lives


Rear view mirrors

While the sun

Courses days

Through our sky

Photo: Winter Stream at John Boyd Thatcher State Park by gfs

Crystal Eyes

what memories
live inside
these words
what feelings
lie hushed
under a morning
of new fallen

through icy fingers
in her mind
the way Spring’s
swollen streams
wash hilltop
tumble stones
into greening

maybe he
held her gaze
too long
in dreams
crystal eyes
wide open
where the heart
yearns to hold
onto colors
faded to black
and white
between sheets
of rain
and thoughts of
coming home


The paradox of consciousness – part II


The paradox of consciousness continues to be an enigma in view of world events and the presence of the human condition today and throughout what we call recorded history. History as a descriptor is a vague understanding of that has gone on in the past relative to the conditions of present status quo – but bear in mind, that the very act of cataloguing human events is a matter of consciousness relative to the passage of time, and the interaction of human beings with their total environment, not just each other but the natural world – seen and unseen.

Carl Jung made us aware of the term archetypes for good reasons, for we live in a world of thought as much as we would want to believe that we only live in a world of matter. Your current act of reading these words is thought, and in that thought is the creative work of organizing my thinking, my words into your present consciousness, and allowing them to manifest as you will – (free will). Don’t mistake the map for the territory, when it comes to thinking, and also the reverse – the territory for the map! Thinking is reality as much as reality is thought – which is a paradox of consciousness.

Do we dream our life into existence? I would venture many will agree with this in some way or another, but in most cases it would be limited to concepts like – I wanted to vacation in Maui, so I imagined myself there – did the research, booked the flights, and the hotels, got myself to the airport, was transported to paradise, and the dream was made real. All well and good, but let’s not limit the creative power of the mind, based on a misconception of consciousness; That all encompassing, Spirit, soul, body, creation of the reality that surrounds us.

Stepping back – Science would have us believe that our bodies come into being by the very natural process of procreation, gestation, and birth. No argument there, but wasn’t thought involved? Idealistically – Two individual consciousnesses decided to create a family, created a union, and brought their dream into their presence. Or, at the very least two horny people fucked at the perfect time of the moon, and human egg was fertilized, to be born in a time, in rhythm with nature. Both were thought forms, granted one might be considered more noble that the other, but none the less, it was a thought that brought forth these creations.

We cannot measure Spirit because Spirit cannot be measured. As stated in the Tao Te Ching – The Tao that can be spoken of is not The Tao. Most people – even scientists believe in a higher power, and this is were the paradox begins, as belief is not knowledge – so we profess faith to be the knowledge of things not seen, and by founding our religions on it, we propagate the paradox. The modern human (and by modern I mean the current human consciousness of any age) wants to know the truth, yet too often accepts the lie in believe as the same thing, and could quite readily die in a war fighting for it. The very first human right – perhaps the most important human right, is the ability to ask questions and be allowed to find answers that are not a matter of consensus, but are a matter of truth to an individual’s mind.

Oppression is a violation of this very natural condition of consciousness, to question reality, to be curious about the world around us, to look at the clockwork of the universe and ask why, then being allowed to freely seek the truth in your own way, in your own time, without conflict or criticism other than constructive argumentation. Perhaps this is what the philosophers were after, and what has become obscured by university exams, and the dogmas of higher learning. The paradox of consciousness is not that we are less learned than ever before, it is that we question less and less what we learn as truth and in doing so accept more and more of what the senses tell us, rather than what the soul of things speaks so clearly through Spirit. As Gibran said so succinctly “We are eternity gazing at itself in the mirror.”


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Moon Shadows

Silvery shadows of a new moon rising
Glistens the mark etched on my soul
This brief encounter in essence becoming
Salvation in grace remaining the goal

I can’t believe all the words were written
By prophets and dreamers as eons unfold
To melt ever after ‘neath suns in the heavens
Some whisper of truth in the stories they told

Stones turn to sand as ages have settled
Wasted the waiting in time we will be
Beyond all the wisdom as science is learning
Each lesson repeated to set ourselves free

Free from the trials of thinking becoming
The proof of the knowledge eternal in form
Triumphant our efforts each day unfolding
Valiant the sailor still lost in the storm


Thoughts are things

Thru my eyes I see
there are no truths
only questions longing
for time to reveal

Thoughts are things
creating our moments
Our moods are places
making our world seem real

Can we explain time?
It does not exist
apart from the mind
into moments now we seal

Another place exists
within the one where we stand
Two the same persist
one is all we feel

Here is the conflict that we can create through our will, through our actions. I have learned we must always consider others. Hearts, lives, emotions, feelings. These are the things not to be taken lightly, for there are attachments and consequences. There are promises of the heart made, broken, forgiven. Beware of how our choices can change the world. Even if we think we act in kindness or with someones approval, we, after all, must answer to our own conscience, and we will always harbor the fruits of our behaviors.

Clean Sweep

As cobwebs float behind my eyes
lists are vaguely scattered
All along the paths of thought
and clouding all that mattered

In seasons turning rain and sun
burning skin with wonder
Makes me ask what of it all
is shaken by the thunder

Bolts that lit the evening sky
shattered twilight glistening
Revealing patterns of the thought
to ears alone now listening

For truths above the mustiness
the empty hollow trains of mind
Scattered ruins of empty words
are seeds of places lost behind

The only respite is to know
to gather all these shards of light
This broom I’ve taken into hand
will sweep them out into the night

And there as stars are glimmering
long before I knew I could
Walk in silent reverie
with all of what I’ve understood