Dream of light – photo by gfs
The rising sign speaks of foundations
where the sun’s spirit entered
and the light of the moon reflecting
who we’ve become in its shadows

let each of us answer the call
summoned by Angels heard on high
above the trials and trails we wander
along this river we call the life

no star will ever make or break
or find in time forgotten faith
stories here we may believe
outside the truth we’ve left behind

starlight ours to know the answer
love has come to hold our hand
know the light within our eyes
was always ours we’ve come to find

Dark Night

Art created from the poetry using

Now, crossing the field of the heart
the emptiness, the loneliness
when all seems lost
when we have spent our last ounce of strength
and the heart is awash in emotion
Waves are crashing on the shores of our life
relentless, and sleep is our only harbor
In our dreams we are chased by wolves
and claw our way, hand and foot, up hillsides
waking as exhausted as when we closed our eyes
This then; The dark night of the soul
leaves us as an empty vessel
that when ready
will be filled again
with wonder…

Tears in the Rain

‘Fire Island Sun’ – photo by gfs

How swift are the tides
rolling on shores
with wind weaving cattails
into sand dune dreams

Moonlight rises within the waves
having only the stars to decorate her love
Sparkles her crown in the indigo blue
Silver light shadows fall to the earth

Leaving as red sunlight wakes
stealing the dark
Melting the dewdrops into the day
like tears in the rain

Made to surrender
all the heart’s seasons unfold
witness to heaven falling to earth
waiting to waken her hand to behold

Eclipse of the Moon

Poipu, Kauai Lunar Eclipse

a memory of being
in all the times
known to us
~ hidden
in the discontent
and all the chatter
surrounding the coming
and going from places
dreamed or planned
or happening to be
such are the days
where flowers bloom
and moonlit nights
where love shines
tides ebb and flow
heedless of our whims

– photos by gfs

Light of the Soul

Treetops near Freeport, ME – photo by gfs

How can there be words
without the ears to hear them
the pages writ in spelling
all the ways to listen in

to time spent in the heart
digging through the ruins
of the days spent in between
the dark nights of the soul

All the wing-ed’s crossing o’r
soaring through the pines
a sky the eye somehow missed
whites wisps electric blue

drift away the day’s remains
drifts to the earth as letters
leaving what was willed without
the embers slowly fading