Shadows of self

This thing
following me everywhere
I go running
and still it haunts
My every move

Even in clouds  
On rain splattered
I am haunted 
By this fellow 

Darkness in the light
of the moon 
the source 
of my fears

To be transparent
Would allow
Too much
for the world 
to see

Myself could not
Should the light 
pass through
Revealing my all!

Clouds on water

‘Reflections’ – Photo by gfs

there are times
when distance melts
under clouds
drifting between us

light is our only source
of days spent waiting
for nightfall
and loves embrace

our hours spent
like those clouds
drifting in pools
reflecting the sky
and waves
ripples on water

why question love
knowing it is
between each beat
of the heart
our beginning
our always
ever after

Still the night

Spring Meadow near Old Chatham, NY – photo by gfs
Still the night
rings in morning vapors
rising as a songbird
waiting on the wind
listens for the echo
her eyes search 
every treetop 
for the plume
of a lost lover
watching nature 
gently rising
in a spring of
love's new season

ears surely hear 
of angels
in forest temples
a choir of memories
ripples on water
leaving shadows 
living still
as tears washed 
in kentucky blue
painting colors 
of the day

Memories of love

“Promise of daylight” Sunrise, Hilton Head Island, SC photo by gfs
There is only love
Does the ear hear the truth
Or make up a lie about itself
Am I worthy of this
Surely others deserve more
So much time has passed
Days filled with unspoken tears
Fountains adorning monuments
To broken hearts
Promises and dreams
Rose gardens in winter
Sun fading low in the sky
Shadows frozen beside our lives

How can all this be
Look beneath the glare
The water’s flow has hidden
All the holding on
To dreams in summer sun
Green fields and wild flowers
Lavender touching the sky
Reaching into the heart
Filling her with promises
Letting the light reveal
All there ever was
Uncovering uncertainty
With memories of love

Lost in time

Cedar Beach, Long Island, NY – Photo by gfs

how can the sun
be setting in violet haze
reminding us of leaving
of long goodbyes
standing in the wind
waves washing over
the shorelines of our lives

still the distance sings
in echoes long forgotten
words in falling leaves lay drying
under autumn limbs
giving up their color
to eyes reflecting memories
of some long ago embrace

returning ever after seasons
here together lost in time
feeling warmth with our reason
hands still held in memory
knowing portals lie beyond
still believing answers told
searching for a long road home

there is no other way to go
no other dream to find alone
the movements of a love we shared
and sleeping left to find
the truth within us lost without
between the heartbeats counting all
the minutes and the hours

Wind and water

Lake Myosotis – Huyck Preserve – Rensselaerville, NY Photo by gfs

where is the lip of sanity
the door to our own realty
the presence of time
when every minute falls away
across miles of skies
running from who we are
to become our imaginings
in places still to find

how can we be alone
when everything touches
our senses in the light
and in the night we visit
so many others
rightfully so for they
have visited our dreams
nightmares turn to dust

I have no time for this
though I do have time to dye
my colors into hues
in unimagined palettes
blending royal purple
on sea sharp tones
walking shorelines strewn
with memories of love

never forgotten places
as far away as yesterday
near as tomorrow waiting
on the wind
standing by the river
of life begging to return
a soulful song
longing for a lute


“Entropy in the Forest” – Peebles Island, NY photo by gfs

Follow me down
to the bottom of a hole
in the place where learning
started to grow
where the light got in
where the sun came
to shine
where all of creation

Feelings of love
blessed on the way
lying together
alone in the night
dawn was a mystery
a shadow before
a longing to know
the running before
a full gale

Such is the truth
of all we become
of all we bring
into the light
under the star shine
of ten thousand suns
a glimmer of hope
a feeling of being

Doesn’t it matter
that all within matter
are conscious of
every delight
are knowing a feeling
before their believing
was brought
by the ab-sense
of light

Everything made
the Iris in bloom
the roaring and calm
of the seas
finds in itself
the rising and falling
the waving of grass
the sun’s rays warming
the skin

All of creation
has entered itself
in the fall
still rolling in circles
toward its own end
toward a suspicion
the hands of creation
taking us back
to where we have ever

Past tense

“The Prince” – Gallery in Sedona AZ – Photo by gfs

heart to heart soul to soul
thoughts race across the moon
science never finds the truth
searching always for its proof

should we listen to voices
always selling us their goods
when hearts cannot be sold
and love not ours to hold

take my hand again to feel
the warmth within our veins
let life become the memory
a past forgotten lying empty

kisses sealed in evermores
as songs will still refrain
awakening within the ears
the dawn of all our fears

tomorrow comes to those who wait
today ours to behold
passing fades into our dreams
while nothing is as it seems