The best of me


a feathered dream will oft return
reaching back into life
times of ancient aging elms
and willows weeping in the rain

thoughts unfold as linen yearns
to know the hand that held its lace
once left waiting at the gate
behind a heaven still remained

beyond the moment fading shades
of flowered sunbeam colors curled
where memories still circle seeking
far from home a world to roam

and always turning daylight still
will rise and set again where love
knows the place forever found
as lost horizons fade from view


present tense

backward clock

trees know
they are meant to be
there is a saying
what is is
what was was
and what will be
will be
to be repeated
and believed

do we know time
is past a has been
or a future willed
to be
made real
the present tense
or is what was
never more
and what will be
just a matter
of knowing
we are

Roots and Wings


Storms with thunder roll
across the land
Lives are trees uprooted
by the winds of change
Emotions tolling like bells

Far distant steeples
fall silent in the rain
As the water pools
Running in the streets
Streaming through our lives

Going home again
Faded memories waiting
Behind doors unopened
Through decades only dreams
walked these halls

How can I speak to friend
of the sense and the feelings
How the living and the dead
Reach up in bird songs
under the canopies of green

Stillness echoes from the hills
Honeysuckle blossoms on the breeze
Breakfast baking in the kitchen
Time cannot steal you away
Home lives forever in the heart


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New Moon Rising


Flowers in the sun
as the new moon rises

rich soft brown soil
footsteps flow
with feelings

Were are they bound
as if
some destiny
cannot wait

For the
to recede
in the warm wind 
and the oceans
fill with love

Image: from NASA ISS 2003