Dream of light – photo by gfs
The rising sign speaks of foundations
where the sun’s spirit entered
and the light of the moon reflecting
who we’ve become in its shadows

let each of us answer the call
summoned by Angels heard on high
above the trials and trails we wander
along this river we call the life

no star will ever make or break
or find in time forgotten faith
stories here we may believe
outside the truth we’ve left behind

starlight ours to know the answer
love has come to hold our hand
know the light within our eyes
was always ours we’ve come to find

circles of love

“Fragile” – Assateague State Park, MD – photo by gfs

lost in flight
some storm tossed bird
finding reasons
to return to
the air
how to hold on
to the unseen
feels the ether
guides on the wind
one sacred place
still to call home
folding her wings
in the night
waiting again to lift
what remains
of forever finding love

Eclipse of the Moon

Poipu, Kauai Lunar Eclipse

a memory of being
in all the times
known to us
~ hidden
in the discontent
and all the chatter
surrounding the coming
and going from places
dreamed or planned
or happening to be
such are the days
where flowers bloom
and moonlit nights
where love shines
tides ebb and flow
heedless of our whims

– photos by gfs