Shades of blue

Overlook & perspective – Photo by gfs
Snow covered landscapes
Memories frosting our lives
Talk of simpler days
Passing years in our youth

Moments without judgement
Remain in dreams
Thoughts crystallized
Formed in the twilight before

Ever there was
a way to remain
In the joy and laughter
of children

This then the dream
Forgotten at the gate
Sought in ten thousand shades
Of blue beneath a star dappled dome

Opened before
The world ever asked
To become
The life we once knew


Glass Butterfly Solar Chandelier – Corning Glass Museum Corning NY – Photo by gfs

When we were young
Life was laughter
Sunny summer shores
snowflakes and snowmen
Time was slow
Waiting for dreams
far from home

TV taught love
Broken promises
Happy ever after
Learning hard and fast
How hearts were broken
Watching school years melt
Flowing into rivers of life

Childhood laughter
Fermented in hollow casks
Emptied into tears
Memories of years
In between
Children raising children
Without knowing
The heart was for truth
While spelling lullaby’s
Sang them to sleep