The Abyss of Choice


Photo: Haleakala Mists – Maui, HI by gfs

Places in our memories hold
The lines of time within our mind
Leaves and branches bent and blowing
Again into this world to find

This eternal light within us
Hidden in the shrouds we wear
Longs to lift the ever after
Letting go of all the fear

As we melt into the choices
Essence wakes as wills unfold
Echoes always here returning
To the hands and hearts we hold

Enter through the waters falling
What courage leaps to the abyss
As voices fade beyond the yearning
The sun awaits the virgin’s kiss


In the heart of woman

Navajo - Changing Woman

Let me not forget
in the heart of woman,
her soul of compassion,
lives in the knowing;

Of her places and moments,
in life spent learning,
all the pains and pleasures,
which loves expression brings.

Always she has always been,
the one to know her place,
to find her only sanctuary,
within the world revealing.

She lives within a realm,
of soft elusive comfort.
Knowing how therein lives,
a dream without a sound.

One within the heart of all,
and one without its tune.
Except the one she holds,
known forever, in her hand.

The vaguest memory of time,
lost in misty mornings.
A place of warmth still flowing,
on a shifting beach of sand.

She no longer needs to wander,
lost in this eternal sun.
For her the water’s music rise,
to washing waves of glory.

The choir of angels lifting,
a harmony melts in the wind.
Singing out to all who’ll hear
her voice of life’s eternal song.

A Winter Evening

Seasons turning
(times of change)
hearts on fire
(melt ice from stone)
always wonder at the skies
dusts our quiet lives

given moments
soft reflection
(hush the sound)
of morning glistens
(whiteness covers)
all the reasons
laid to rest
in the footsteps
(leading home)

hearth on fire
(heart within us)
reminds me of
(forgotten rhyme)
stillness in the meadow
on tender grass
of long ago

softly still
our childhood sits
(within the daydreams
here another winter
twilight of a new moon

once upon a time
I knew her
(she stood among
the starry night)
I asked her why
she left this morning
her answer simply
… wandering


Got this very cool gift for Christmas called Haikubes. You roll the cubes out on the table (a coffee can works great). Then the two red cubes give you a subject and you use the rest of the cubes to create a message in Haiku based on that. Here are two I put together after dinner – Fun !