grandfathersky in print

grandfathersky publishes under the pen name  Peter Anthony and his first book  Words of Love: Hello From A Far Off Place is available through Amazon and Barnes & Noble in paperback and electronic formats at these links:

Amazon Paperback  or  Kindle

Barnes&Noble Paperback or ePub for Nook and other eReaders

product_thumbnail.phpStar Crossed
Is an eBook release in Jan 2015 of a collection of poems nearly all published on WordPress, now available on, Amazon and Barnes&Noble

From the Introduction – The term Star Crossed must be as old as literature itself. It occurred to me that so many of the poems I’ve written over the years were expressions of just such times and places –

Their SacrificeReflections on the Wall_text
Released in February of 2015 is a compilation of poetry written in recognition of all those who have served their country in the Armed Forces. It is a recognition of their sacrifices, by sharing their stories through poetry that I have written over the years. Some are told from hearing first hand experiences, some are reflections of things read in books and magazines, and all are given here so that every citizen, or every nation, understands the sacrifice that is asked of these extraordinary men and women, who wear a uniform in the service of their country. Available through: Lulu.comAmazon, Barnes&Noble

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