Still the night

Spring Meadow near Old Chatham, NY – photo by gfs
Still the night
rings in morning vapors
rising as a songbird
waiting on the wind
listens for the echo
her eyes search
every treetop
for the plume
of a lost lover
watching nature
gently rising
in a spring of
love's new season

ears surely hear
of angels
in forest temples
a choir of memories
ripples on water
leaving shadows
living still
as tears washed
in kentucky blue
painting colors
of the day

Echoes in the heart

For all the years
we have walked
the earth
in times and trials
asking questions
never answered
still wonder
at the birth

Of what the heart
has given up
in learning
of the truth
that love remains
a quiet place
where heart songs
will refrain

Under a spell
of words without
a feeling handed down
to such a place
where dreams return
a place once lost
is found
and there we love
forever more
echoes without
a sound

Photo – “Reflections” near Colorado Springs, CO by gfs

Reflections on water


not a whisper was heard
from the blossoms
of the way
we misbehaved
and did not see
the reason we were standing
alone and wondering
what was the meaning
the beginning
(and the end)
flowers bloom
when spring begs
life rises with them
so shall we all
touch the sky
the space between us
exists only in time
the heart is not confined
it knows only love
come to me
let it be

Photo “Cherry Blossoms on the Potomac” by gfs 2020

No time to cry

Photo: Boardwalk at Bethany Beach, DE by gfs

Time is all I have to keep
And all now you’ve given up
Faded leaves are washed away
In snow melt seen turning to clay

Rivers run cold as the hills unfold
Letting down in their winter dreams
Maples will fill up-rushing again
For the sweetness of life to become

Was it hard to go with no hand to hold
at the crossroads when waking to dreams
I’ll wonder at this and a thousand things
In the days that are mine still ahead

For today you see I’ve no time to cry
No way to find all the tears
I’ll keep them for you to come when they’re due
In a place and a time left to find


What voice is crying

in the wilderness

What song

is there carried

on the wind

Does the grass

thank the sun

for warm summer days

or feel sorrow

for the cold

winter wind

Spring brings joy

Persephone comes

into our hearts

and our home

Children find flowers

Brides their true love

as the light of the world

shines true

Photo: Danube River by gfs using “Waterlogue” app