Salutation To The Sun

Would you dare look at the sun?
Only when it rises in my eyes.
I feel the sacred promise of love –
Warming every heart as one …



Laid Low


Souls delivered into sentences of lifetimes under siege
Ask only for a meal and a reason to believe in this humanity
Faith forever is tested when mines are fouled with blood
Their ghosts left to wander seeking solace on the wind

Image and history of the Ludlow Massace:

Event Horizon

Who dares name the place where light will cease
And dreams fold in upon the weight of their truth
What would release the gravity of where this convergence
Travels past the night only to cling to its darkness


standing frozen

balanced on a bubble of wind under the moon
the quaking does not disturb the one who holds
a thought of evergreen boughs weeping in a snowfall
steady will be the minds who dream the night into being



uncommon ground

crossroads of time delight in knowing the fever
unbending reasons make way for another season
where winners and losers lying in grace to the stage
rhetoric waits for the swearing of oaths in the rain



Anxious voices risk their tongues
A Monarchy is not a kingdom of one
Fear shall not change their hearts
What remains of Hadrian’s wall?


What evermore

Would dreaming asleep be better than waking
Or waking to find dreams still behold
The classroom of reason given to reign
Through thought forms of empty desire


Tongue Tied

Under the clothing of Madison and runways
Trains of thought get lost in decisions
When words are taken as truth from a tongue
Tied by the broken covenants of treason


What Lies Beyond

Ascent into the glorious light does reveal
Returnings not all we were taught they would be
Across the river the veil of unknowing is rent
Shows how believing uncovered the lie within


Wind and Rain

Belief in all the words when spoken
Is there substance to their lying
What strength is there in tongues
Tied to the ruins of their errant wind