wind in the pines

VT Pine forest

I hear words whispered in the pines
their message comes from eons past
no questions are posed, nothing to sell
just a voice in my hair that finds its way
to my soul without thinking
I wonder and wander with the wind
she holds my heart present in the sun
shows me the way home
where the seas and the winds rest
gently as neap tides in May
or the fragrance of life
in the shade of an Apple tree

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love song

in the wind lives a love song
not the one within our ears
nor the one that beats within
or moves our soul to tears

even by the harbor
where waves call out our name
hearts become unknotted knowing
nothing is the same

when once we have been taken
by the dream we left before
we fell to earth by welcoming
the life we had in store

in centuries of desert suns
as forests fall to moons
our keeping blends beyond the light
and time runs out too soon

would we never pass this way
to know our choice could only be
no less than what was given still;
through grace we came for free

Image and Authors Notes: If you have never heard of Mary Sparrowdancer, or read “Love Song of the Universe” I strongly recommend putting it on you reading list. Honest, sincere, inspired, moving. In it is one of the finest descriptions of Eternity I have ever experienced …

The paradox of consciousness

Consciousness is perhaps the most difficult subject to discuss, still it is one which needs to be addressed in this time and space, since we are now bridging ourselves into a future that is truly uncertain, as there are so many people who are on the brink, who are at the tipping point between, believing and knowing, between the physical and the spiritual, between the merging of science and religion.

Our future depends on this paradox, and because it exists we are caught between a future based on truth and a past made up of a myriad of lies. Everyone talks about saving the planet. The reality is we don’t have to save the planet, we have to save the planet’s ability to support human life.

But I digress, this is about consciousness. The very fact that we can read and write; I as the creator of this message and you as the recipient implies a matter of consciousness, the ability to discern this message from the background of experience. In human terms, it is a recognition of past, present, and future. I am sure most would agree, that animals, even higher animals, do not fret over an uncertain future, and their pining over the past is very limited. Yes, I have seen mother chimps holding their deceased young, but this passes quickly, and they move on.

The paradox of consciousness is simply this – with it we would not recognize a flow of time, a past, present, and future, and because of it, we can argue over the very truth of the flow of time, and the matter of the universe, creation, and Spirit. So we define ourselves, and in that definition we begin to recognize that we are creating a world around us, and losing touch with the natural world.

Because of consciousness, we argue over the nature of time and space, of things, concepts; like ‘yours’ and ‘mine’. While a creature of the earth like a lion or bear might quarrel with another over a piece of food, it is a quarrel of nature, not a quarrel of consciousness.

Consciousness then allows us (each) to define our reality, to create or deny divinity in our lives, intelligent design, creationism, or any other supposed truth. We even go so far as to quarrel over time, over the evidence buried in stone regarding the earth, and the cosmos. These are what Eckhart Tolle calls our ‘competing narratives’, or Robert Anton Wilson refers to as our ‘reality tunnels’.

What then is this thing? Science still cannot define consciousness, still debates over what it is, and where it exists. Some would tell us it only exists because of the nature and the construction of the human brain, and will continue to dissect corpses looking for the ‘seat of consciousness’, which is as Rumi says; like knocking on a door and when it opens realizing we have been knocking from the inside!

We are able to ask these questions because we are conscious(ness), and we debate what it is because of it … what greater paradox than that – the riddle (consciousness), inside an enigma – the human mind – not the brain, but the mind …

How does it end? It does not – In the words of CG Jung when asked what does he believe – his reply, “I do not need to believe, I know” And when we know there arises true compassion. An ache, a sadness, that if not for consciousness would bury the Spirit in matter forever, in a total eclipse of the Sun.

-gfs 2012


everlasting endlessness

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Light Eternal in the wind
surrounding us in form
why forsake the love she gave
that brought us here
to learn where we belong

Creations joy for’er our gift
to share and hold within
our heart and hands
yet still believe
some ancient storm begins

The motion into consciousness
the flow of stars beyond
or in the reach of earthly grace
an everlasting endlessness
beyond our time and space

Toward Forever

The morning sun breaks over the mountain’s peak
Before me the waters of this pond rest in stillness
Earth moves silently beneath the place where I am
A lingering cool morning mist embraces my being

Insects buzz, hovering as the sun warms the day
The calm surface ripples as a night’s hunger is filled
Waves move together as they blend and merge
Life’s constant motion, in this mirror of the sky

A soft breeze caresses my face, embracing me
in love from a distant shore, another place and time
This wind has always been and ever shall be
My breath mingles there along with ancient voices

At moon rise, the smooth surface of the water speaks
The cricket calling in the distance becomes my way
And nearly sleeping I walk upon the glassy waters
Leaving not a trace, as I wander toward forever

Stars in My Eyes

Ten thousand
suns have set
burned up their light,
essence into heaven

dreams have melted
into a sea
of love, across
the moonrise

apart for just
a breath in time
for all of this
we came to know

life reveals
forever is;
a moment lost
in bliss

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Shamballa waits

Dusty roads too dry to breathe
hold my feet each day I try
as moments linger in my mind
of life that lives beyond the sky

You alone I see there waiting
along a beach of golden sand
pausing in the dusk’s sweet breath
reflecting long forgotten plans

Ones you made and didn’t know
love that lived inside of me
a movement taken to a place
where only words would let us be

In looking back again I ask
why I’ve knelt in prayer for you
when o’er again I tell myself –
our sun has set in amber hue …

Still your color rings in me
as every moment I exchange
the blessing I have come to know
each time I hear the sweet refrain

renews my faith in life eternal
the light of love that shines fore’er
into the land of souls becoming
the place I know I’ll hold you near

Haiku for Living

I promised I would post some Haiku – This is a compilation that I put together into a small handwritten book and gave to my daughter on Christmas 2010 – I called it ‘Haiku for Living’ each poem a reflection of moments in our lives ….

being existence
within this world we day dream
life will become us
take all the treasure
laid up in all the kingdoms
none compares with love
forsake the future
can we exist without it
moments here and now
this is – That I am
we are simply one without
knowledge of living
words are not just thoughts
colors melting in the sun
rainbows in our mind
true love does not call
it knows not of rules or time
we open the door
when darkness will fall
there is light always forming
truth awakening
never beginning
there is no ending to love
the Spirit’s embrace
Prometheus bound
what he gave to all of us
let not your mind grieve
for places we’ve yet to know
many worlds await
right here and right now
is the place destiny makes
for us a reason
never lose your faith
one simple act of kindness
shall redeem the whole world
I wander this earth
full of awe and wonderment
so many just sleep
each day we embrace
Eternal hope – Faith renewed
yesterday is gone
souls have seasons
unknown to waking wills
the flower unfolds
in touching your soul
I reveal my own light
In giving I live
only the Haiku
softens the cacophony
so our ears will hear
Spring brings loves light back
beyond the glow the eyes see
lives another Sun
A Polynesian
sailor viewed vast ocean waves
their rhythm his guide
life reveals itself
when longing leaves us empty
asking to return
Energy follows thought
the worst that can happen is ..
not going to be !
only joy shall be
for our imagination
creates the future
in living we find
days that define existence
between pages divine
feeling guides us on
like a river to the sea
longing for fullness
Geisha is loved.
Is she loving in return?
Or Just saving face?
Souvenirs pasted
Eternity’s scrapbook fills
lessons in growing
can we own the wind
know only passion’s season
flowers bloom in love
Hidden in the darkness
the light of the world reveals
The Way and the Truth
Love is undefined
it chooses us to know it
gives us power to be
two rivers converge
forming one stronger than each
one ends, a new beginning
against the current
free will looks for its purpose
caught in the rapids
some words best left unspoken
is eternal rest
what we embrace in heaven
or eternal love
see through the minds eye
to the other place we live
true reality
in sacred visions
the Universe unveils paths
disguised by reason
humility seeks
solid ground in loving hearts
a seat of honor
these are not myths
the gods who walked among us
gave us their will
passion overwhelms
only your ability
to give the fire life
lifetime to lifetime
becoming all we have willed
and carried within
these are moments felt
family memories kept
always in our thoughts
spirits abounding
children grow into our lives
memories of youth
loves sweet creation
is a world we find within
music of the soul

By Peter Anthony

A Forest Temple

Windows frosted from the cold
streets of snow melt freezing
as sunset winds are pressing in

From a northern winter realm
that keeps heaven waiting
‘neath star speckled skies

I walk within earthly revelation
the forest whispers its wisdom
in words that will fill my longing ears

Voices alive in moon swept shadows
recite their verses of seasons in life
swaying in moments outside of time