Rear view mirror

Where were we

When today opened

Its door

And asked

Us to enter

Love’s season

Timelessly traced

The reason away

Turned out to wander


Summer days wanting

For winters return

While watching

Our lives


Rear view mirrors

While the sun

Courses days

Through our sky

Photo: Winter Stream at John Boyd Thatcher State Park by gfs



Standing in a tidal pool
In sea shells and foam
Golden sunlight
Seabirds call overhead
And Sandpipers
Dances in the ebb
And flow
Of hearts come here
To wander
Some alone
Or hand in hand
Every one a shadow
On shifting sand

Dunes flowing
Sea grass swirling
Behind fences
And sandcastles
Built in a dream
Left to the wind
And the waves
To the flowing
Of time
That lives
Beyond the sea
Beneath horizons
Becoming some tomorrow

Waves wash in
And wave goodbye
Like driftwood
Never standing still
Present tense
And past time spent
Are memories of love
Life fulfilled
Forgotten till
Clouds drift into blue
As thoughts of sometime
Meant to be
An ever after dream

Photo by gfs – Myrtle Beach, SC

Sea of Love


Where is the Light
Can I hide my eyes
From the morning Sun
Or a Full Moon rise
Without knowing
Its truth Rises
Within my Heart
and Soul Eternal

As the dew settles
On the early lawn
and the Wren sings
to the Light of Day
Hope is forever
bound up inside
the Breath of Life

Faith hidden within
its ceaseless motion
Waiting to be born
Aside this river
Where cool waters flow
As blessings into
a Sea of Love


the abyss

Sedona 040 & text

Grand Canyon, North Rim – Photo by gfs

far and away
as distance divides
this world beyond
our imaginings
these dreams
are the skies
reflected in blue
ethereal material self
life left undone
in the day
and haunted
by nightfalls

what monsters created
in fears
we are taught
to believe
a lie
in between
not taken
to wonder
at the nature
of lives
we become

sails on the wind
wind on the plains
grass waving bye
through the glass
travelers know
the touching
through life
gives light
to remain …
a painting
on the heart

The Price

My God, my god why
have you forsaken me

And the answer came;
I have only given you
all that you have asked

There, in a long moment
realizing, the choice
(to know)

Could it be the willing
the yearning, (deep) inside
that brought this to bear
gave all this presence now

Then knowing this truth
How do we free ourselves
from the nails of the cross

There is a gateway leading
to the path you see(k)

The Way is long and the gate
so narrow a soul must fly

And who would let all things go
and walk this Way (to know)
Who would take all that is given
and offer it to pay The Price


Fire in the Mind

Reach out to another
and find what was sought
Something unknowing
throughout endless thought

What we should realize
though never kept
How love it came calling
at times when we slept

And never believed
we ever would find
That burning unceasing
a fire in the mind

Until in consuming
all we’ve become
To realize unending
life in One