Let There Be Light

Let There Be Light

This is a call, a statement of reality, of truth that is inviolate, knowable, and a lifetime of searching that has only opened the door and allowed a seeker inside. Beyond the door is a new dimension, and as surely as there was this portal that opened, there is an infinity of passages from place to place, and realm to realm.

I cannot, and do not, wish to impose my thinking, or my world view upon anyone. My only purpose is to shine light into darkness, and re-assure those who have traveled a little less far, that there is Light upon the path, and one only needs to follow the prompting of the soul in order to find it shining greater and greater into our days.

Sadness is a disease we have created to describe the way we have forsaken all the greatness of experience by living the way we do. We have been taught since our earliest memories can conjure, to follow rules, to speak when spoken to, work hard, and accept what we get. While all of these are ethics that can build character, they should not be shackles that bind us to a life of repetitiveness and drudgery, interspersed by binge vacations that are no less taxing than our work, schooling, or other daily requirements of being in the world.

Let There Be Light in whatever vibrational expression it was uttered at the beginning of time as we perceive it, is an expression of a covenant between the prime creator and creation, allowing a connection to exist through eons and ages, from that place, to this present moment. It is forever reminding us of our connection to all there is, within and without, revealing we are truly stardust. We are the universe gazing at itself in the mirror!

Time is the relative motion in consciousness, compared to the relative motion of the background of experience. We think we see in time, we have a measure of time on the clock, hands in motion, as our hands are in motion. Relativity defines time as the fourth dimension, but who can do the math, and even greater, who has the ability to check the math? Quantum physics is delving into ideas of a hyperverse and multiverse, trying with their great machinations of both theoretic mathematics and engineering to define the root cause in a language that simply cannot be known in this consciousness, and therefore will forever remain theory, always and only, conjuring some semblance of the greater truth.

Dr. Raymond Moody, who has done extensive research on Near Death Experience, after hundreds of interviews with people who had NDEs, saw a remarkable similarity between the descriptions of each and every one. It was not the place they went to, or the light they saw, the people they met, or the reasons they returned, it was the common realization that time was no longer a fact, no longer had any meaning, in the world they entered into. Any attempt to describe it, face to face with him, back in the breathing, heart beating, presence of our existence on Earth, caused them to feel that no matter how hard they tried they could barely convey the magnitude of the moment. Words did not suffice to give it meaning. It was a point and it was infinity all at once.

Let There Be Light is as profound a sentence as one can utter. Except for the rare occasion when it is read or quoted from scripture, does it ever cross our lips, or our mind? Standing before the sunrise, does wonder at the sight of it embrace our thoughts, or does the waking into the realm of all our memories of yesterdays, and plans for tomorrow, silence this everlasting reminder of the moment of creation for another day. Why do we allow it to slip away, swallowed up in our time, appointments that must be met, places we have to be, while we continue to think we are alive in the world?

To be continued …

Photo: Sedona Sunset by GFS

6 thoughts on “Let There Be Light

  1. we are born within the best cosmos,the best universe, the best planet, the best moment to be alive…
    waking up from the nightmare of existing, to embrace the dream and bring that dream
    into being….
    I wandered today after a door of my life seem to open after these four years, I saw who I was, who I am and who I am to be…in a matter of speaking….I realized I am a product of all the “impossible” dreams, for I’m-Possible when I look at the words in a different reflection of light…
    when I look at the hurt from what good it has brought me…and there is good in it….my lesson has been learned well….those choices have always been here, I just decided to

    what a wonderful journey you have started for us, to be a part of your thoughts
    Thank you for sharing
    Take Care…You Matter…

    • Maryrose – to hear that you have passed through a shadow and into the light lifts my spirit higher, knowing the energies that surround us are bringing healing and awareness wherever they are allowed to filter through. Blessings for your continued presence in the light of love, may you always be held up in it’s truth …

  2. I have enjoyed your art for some considerable time. Of your work that I have read on this blog, this is your finest piece thus far. There may be some technical issues concerning composition, but they are trivial in comparison to the content.

    There is an essence to Life that cannot be named, because there is no name for this essence that does not diminish its character. Noble masters have contributed their teachings to the world for enlightenment, but additional words have only demonstrated themselves inadequate in explaining or describing this essence that is Life. I do not believe there is any combination of words that will ever be adequate in this matter. However, this piece offers a refreshing perspective that is in itself an accomplishment.

    I truly look forward to more.

    • Steven – there is much I have harbored and learned and all at once I felt compelled to attempt relating in prose not poetry. There is more complexity to language in this form, yet the meaning can be more focused. I would welcome your feedback on form and readability – I was not a straight A student in English class so my form often takes on stream of consciousness that inhibits the reader. Email is always welcome – grandfathersky925@gmail.com – thank you for sharing your thoughts and feelings, there is a growing light in this world, and I will be writing more!

  3. gfs, your light grows so bright as I read this….it is a privilege to share this journey with you. Light is love and love is light. ❤ Xx

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