Train of Thought

Grand Central

Stranded in Grand Central Station
While a sea of humanity rolled past
Looking forever at clocks and watches
None truly knew where they were bound

On a train on a rail on a line
Destinations framed sunrise or sunset
Each one entrained to be on time
Into the hollows and hallows of life

The line that was mine had lost its fire
and the city seemed waiting in light
Chestnuts called from the scented streets
Hailing, a cab checkered yellow arrived

“Cloisters” I spoke to the hack at the wheel
“It’ll cost you” the only reply
“Fare enough” and we entered the stream
Toward the palisades home in the sky

Red light and green and West Side Drive
Flowed a river in canyons of gold
Caused a belief in the moving of mountains
and a sadness at knowing the cost

Arriving my friend asked where I’d been
and where I was going tonight in the cold
“Tomorrow” the answer was simple and sure
Stashing the bills he just smiled

The sunset was splashed like none ever seen
and the moonrise shone silver and blue
Lost in time for a moment as the city below
flowed on endlessly into its dream …

Under world


Were we ever
so broken
where we came to be
lost in a time
far away
deep was the darkness
solemn the dreams
seems no matter
how far
we will search
would not cut
the darkness
of worlds

This was the night
where the soul
never was
or meant
to find harbor
to call home
here was no shelter
or wind
within seasons
leaving hearts
still withholding
letting go
was this life
all of these reasons
for the fall

from some garden
some shelter
from storms
where forever
was found
east of Eden
not far from Rome
to roam
lost horizons
the spaces still wait
waves of reason
settled the ways
and means
gave forgiveness
to be
our only
our own
for someday
some season
to come

into loves
of living entwined
in passion
the full moon
will rise
as a silvery sun
just the same
‘neath the waves
as another
comes round
what thought
left today
into night
for the seeker
to rest
suns setting
in silence

Photo: ‘Atlantis Sunset’ by gfs

You Didn’t Know I Kissed You Tonight

Anyone who has ever kissed a babies brow knows …

A Holistic Journey

Night has pressed her hand to your eyes. Deep in stories written by moonlight, you
fly dragons over magic rivers and lead clone armies through the red dust of Mars.

I follow your brows, lashes, these long limbs – they are the lines of your biography.
Hands that build Lego tales and castles, draw warbirds, roll out sixteenth triplets;
these hands feel older now. Who will they lead? Who will they hold? I’m watching you
outgrow this bed but you refuse to outgrow the smell of your mother’s skin. You bury
your face in my shirt and come up sated, remembering the milk and my heartbeat.

When you are my heart.

There’s so much you want to know and I don’t have the answers, things for astronomers
and professors to tell. And you didn’t know I kissed you tonight and a thousand times
past and will kiss you through all…

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Reverence for Light

Solar wind

One word unfolded
presence to light
Love into life
darkness stilled

Beguiled beneath
reason revolving
Leaving the shadow
to lengthen again

Where warm rain will rise
within springtime meadows
Life there returning
in lengthening days

Lavender flowering
fields fill the senses
Waves on the wind
joining earth to the sky

Breathing the life
birthed into days
Seasons now
sentenced to words

Thought as the palette
of colors alive
in the mind
under starlight forever

Where would we roam
Why would we come
Again and again
into time

Through pleasure or pain
love knowing itself
As reflections alight
in the eye

To capture the living
in silver and essence
and beats of the
trembling heart