Poetry and Hums

“But it isn’t easy” Pooh said to himself ..
“Because poetry and Hums aren’t things which you get,
they’re things which get YOU. And all you can
do is go to where they can find you”

Where the words descend
into every meaning
isn’t just through pen and ink
thoughts are outward seeming

To embrace a soft caress
the heart within them filled
lost before the page is turned
or broken by the will

Let them lie beyond the page
waiting for a hand to hold
scribbled words are witness to
unspoken stories told …

Image: http://www.funnycoloring.com/winnie-the-pooh-3.htm

A word in your ear

In conversation does one hear what you say, do they hear your feelings, or do they hear their feelings? How can you paint a thought, a feeling with words? Can we ever tell the truth or is the truth only in the ear of the listener? I can tell someone my thoughts but can I tell them my feelings? With words, can the poet make you feel his heart?

A word in your ears
is a blossom of spring,
or a clap of thunder,
start of a summer storm

Will you whisper to me
how your heart feels
Can you make your words
a song in my mind

A soft echo of love
or a resounding of waters,
falling from a high place,
into eddies below

Image: http://www.macwallpapers.eu/wallpaper/Iceland-Waterfalls-Apple-Mac-Nature/