textures of love

Kirlian Rose

feeling the heart
laughter at dawn
touch under cover
next to the life
where lovers belong

breath on the skin
breathe in the life
souls seek to unravel
their dreams
in the night

wholeness imagined
into the being
longing fulfilled
ecstasy quaking
essence is seething

springs ever flowing
cleansing the earth
waters of life
the dream everlasting
becoming through birth.


love’s first light

Southern Harbor dawn, framed II

dreams becoming daylight breaks
the sun stood still in time
a moment when life’s longing would
fulfill our love in rhyme

smiling eyes are under covers
touching hearts will make us feel
all of life’s becoming dawns
what breath will soon reveal

wind outside the window sings
to kisses left on skin between
where love is never thought to be
or found in lands unseen

her eyes on dreams in violet haze
and heart beats melt into my arms
unveiling all her mysteries
and sharing all her sacred charms

Image: Courtesy of Google Images

In the heart of woman

Navajo - Changing Woman

Let me not forget
in the heart of woman,
her soul of compassion,
lives in the knowing;

Of her places and moments,
in life spent learning,
all the pains and pleasures,
which loves expression brings.

Always she has always been,
the one to know her place,
to find her only sanctuary,
within the world revealing.

She lives within a realm,
of soft elusive comfort.
Knowing how therein lives,
a dream without a sound.

One within the heart of all,
and one without its tune.
Except the one she holds,
known forever, in her hand.

The vaguest memory of time,
lost in misty mornings.
A place of warmth still flowing,
on a shifting beach of sand.

She no longer needs to wander,
lost in this eternal sun.
For her the water’s music rise,
to washing waves of glory.

The choir of angels lifting,
a harmony melts in the wind.
Singing out to all who’ll hear
her voice of life’s eternal song.