tears of glass

Tears of Glass

part of all there ever was
rings between the me and you
dreaming into this creation
what believing never knew

sands shifting into days remembered
lies were told against the grain
the ebony that fades in daylight
as memories come round again

from summer days and winter fires
embers cooled and swept away
grace the garden greening over
where willows whisper to the day

of hands once holding onto moments
days and times now come to pass
a songbirds tune rolls through my ears
and down my cheeks in tears of glass

Image: http://volcanoartcenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Darren-Goodman-Natures-Gold.jpg

Solstice Night

Shooting star

Tides of hope
will wash ashore
and season’s light descends
Days become the night again
and love stands still in time

We wait until
tomorrow brings
A shadow long before
The movement evermore unfolds
The Word passed into light

Of life before
the beauty knelt
Revealed the manger’s gift
Hope returning to the land
The strangers’ journey came

To be the Star
the way revealed
what evermore would know
the Solstice bending at the knee
Unveils the rising Dove

Image: http://genius.com/1138248/Rihanna-diamonds/Youre-a-shooting-star-i-see

A Forest Temple

Windows frosted from the cold
streets of snow melt freezing
as sunset winds are pressing in

From a northern winter realm
that keeps heaven waiting
‘neath star speckled skies

I walk within earthly revelation
the forest whispers its wisdom
in words that will fill my longing ears

Voices alive in moon swept shadows
recite their verses of seasons in life
swaying in moments outside of time