Reflections of the Inner Light


nothing is as it seems
heart strings are played
as if a toy lute
love sinks deep
into the abyss
looking for light
underneath source
is only a reflection
and cannot be seen
with all the eyes
in sadness
still staring
still tearing
only felt
with the heart
by the warm glow
an ever present
sacred sun
who gives life
to shadows
on the walls
as mirrors of
a bless’ed
inner light



Grass in the evening
shorn to the ground
Lights ever fading
days falling around

The twilight that whispers
of love on the way
And dreams ever after
lost, far and away

In noon-tides where sunlight
fell soft to earth
Where longing became
a moment of birth

Toward seasons withholding
and shimmering snow
Its hope ever drifting
in roots lost below

Still frozen and waiting
in faith for the spring
To wildflowers blooming
a warm summer evening

Is patience abiding
love written in sprays
Given free to the travelers
passing their way