Reverence for Light

Solar wind

One word unfolded
presence to light
Love into life
darkness stilled

Beguiled beneath
reason revolving
Leaving the shadow
to lengthen again

Where warm rain will rise
within springtime meadows
Life there returning
in lengthening days

Lavender flowering
fields fill the senses
Waves on the wind
joining earth to the sky

Breathing the life
birthed into days
Seasons now
sentenced to words

Thought as the palette
of colors alive
in the mind
under starlight forever

Where would we roam
Why would we come
Again and again
into time

Through pleasure or pain
love knowing itself
As reflections alight
in the eye

To capture the living
in silver and essence
and beats of the
trembling heart


New Day


As wind across the sands of time
Thought is blending endlessly
Past and present fold into
The future we have come to see

Along this distant shore of earth
A corner of the sky revealed
Was chosen long before we new
The measures of our fate were sealed

In long forgotten destiny
Attachments made in days before
Our monuments were risen from
The ashes of forevermore

This question of eternal grace
Abandonment allowing will
To conquer all the worlds outside
By passions rising to fulfill

The breathing out of love divine
Sparks the fires reasoning
Should know itself as landscapes in
The colors each new day will bring

The Cellist of Sarajevo

Clamoring, broken bits of the ages
Cities laid down, crumbled broken bricks
Of life gone mad and fraught with fear
and others strange retiring

What would peace ever mean
if music fell to notes unheard
Would love bring back the reasoning
Undo the rage of broken hearts

Once the light of love took up
A city’s chance to ask us all
If echoes of an ancient song
would pose the question left unsaid

Through ruined streets for days on end
One soul inquired, time again
and from the silence in the hills
in echoes came the answer

Love returning with the Dove
when given voice in empty streets
ears will know the music of
the spheres as one the heart reveals

Whether legend or true – The Cellist of Sarajevo – who sat in the streets of a city for days on end, being shelled from the hills, and never being shot at or disturbed in his performances, is a testament to the human condition where opposition takes a back seat to the knowledge that music points the way to the soul and the Spirit that unites us all through the Heart of Love. I felt on this Valentines Day, considering that Sarajevo was a site of the Winter Olympics before it was laid low by war, we should recognize that regardless of our differences, one person, one soul incarnate, can show to us, that we all came from the same place, and we are all going to the same place, regardless of the definitions we attach to it. Through music we have a universal language of Love ….

The River of Light

Orion Nebula

far beyond where dreams become
our sacred journey in the night
past a star swept Milky Way
thought flows within a stream of light

and in its course there comes to be
all that ever was or willed
now finds its essence here in form
desire clothed in thought fulfilled

has come to bear the witness of
life eternal in the mind
reflecting in this light of love
the truth forever came to find

within the heart we live again
and shall abiding always know
the light within the river bends
into each lifetime’s afterglow




when I fell from some great height
who was there to see and feel
a soul into a waiting heart
alive, becoming, what is real?

words were wrapped in wonderment
tender ‘neath the veil of tears
breathing into what becomes
the music of the spheres

all we ever shall become
or ever knew could ever be
reflecting in the sunlit day
the Spirit into life set free

the spark upon the alter of
the living God we willed
the presence of divinity
became the life fulfilled

round again love will cross
e’er until the breathing in
returns to rest forever more
where light begins again


Quantum Consciousness

I’ve been reading again, taking time to digest the works of others gives pause to see were one has been and gotten to as the days spin into years. I must admit that age has its worth even though our society tends to glamorize youth, and sells us every Fountain of Youth it can conjure, age has its merits. Not that I am over the hill, but it has been a long time since I fretted over turning 30, or suffered over 40, one might even say the years have been kind … What I do know is that as the body ages, becomes less firm, less mighty, slower to heal … the mind, and the emotions blend and merge into what I would call the flow of the a mighty river, seeking always out to sea.

I could make 100 statements, of all the things I have learned and would give freely to those who are younger and needing to know, to allow them to bypass the terrible longings, the fearful nights of loneliness and loss, so that the way along the path would be gentler to the heart. I could list the steps to take to avoid so many of the pitfalls lurking, but I know from that very same experience those words, even though they may be read, would soon be lost in the light that fills all the new horizons. And those words are already there, they have been written a thousand times, by a thousand authors for 50 centuries or more. I’ve read them too, and still chose to find the way myself, experience is not the book, the map is not the territory

The best thing I ever heard or read to describe Life is: “Life is learning what not to do”, and I agree it is really that simple – it is learning what not to do (yes, even if it feels good). Quantum Consciousness then is awareness of ones awareness, it is the knowing that our very presence, and observation of the universe is changing the outcome of everything, and everywhere is the center of the universe.

There is a phenomena in Astrophysics called the Red Shift. Using an instrument called a spectroscope astronomers intended to look at the universe, the sky around us, and based on the way the light shifted toward the blue end of the spectrum, or the red end they would know what parts were advancing toward us and what parts were retreating – moving away. They came to find that no matter where they looked – everywhere they trained their spectroscope they saw a red shift, everything, everywhere was moving away. The simplest conclusion? Everywhere is the center of the universe. This fact, one could argue is a paradox, and yes by our 3-D sense perception it must seem so, but the truth is, the red shift exists …

It’s interesting writing like this, I wonder even now if what has just passed beneath my hands is what I intended to write, when I know the reality is that this is what I have written. In closing then I will share couple of things I have learned along the way;
Love more, own less, travel when you can, immerse yourself in diversity…

War is not the way to Peace, Peace is The Way.

And lastly – The Tao that can be spoken of is not The Tao …

Image: Courtesy of Google Images

Wandering Stars

If unerringly simple
the deeds do
or quickly and quietly
the lambs
and the shepherds
would fold into flocks
of wandering, wondering

Reading Immanuel Velikovsky’s ‘Worlds in Collision’ and could not help but recall this poem I had written many years ago …