Crystal Eyes

what memories
live inside
these words
what feelings
lie hushed
under a morning
of new fallen

through icy fingers
in her mind
the way Spring’s
swollen streams
wash hilltop
tumble stones
into greening

maybe he
held her gaze
too long
in dreams
crystal eyes
wide open
where the heart
yearns to hold
onto colors
faded to black
and white
between sheets
of rain
and thoughts of
coming home


close reach


there is no better way to say goodbye
the ebb tide comes, sails billow, the world moves
and we wonder about the wind and water
rising and falling of the seas

every journey has an end and every end begins
a new day, a dawning of the sun, consciousness
returns and greets us again and again
nothing changes, only all of what we see and feel

time keeps everything from happening at once
love keeps everything happening forever
the waves we sail before, the doldrums, the rain
are places, as real as tomorrow, in our minds

there’s no better way to say goodbye
we did our best, told our heart’s stories
stole one last kiss before turning toward new day
and wrote another page in the story of our soul

who could ask for more from themselves or another
laugh and love, hurt and cry, these are memories
stories we will tell as the voyage goes on
in morning we’ll awake, and learn to love again the day


Castle Keep


teardrops like the dew
will fall
on tattered rags and pages
poems long forgotten fade
told by fools and sages

of centuries now lost in time
castle keeps and lofty towers
monuments to kings and queens
buried ‘neath the springtime flowers

memories now cast away
as words will follow
breath to be
another land to find our home
where life will call
– return to me

her warm embrace
in passion tides
the shadow’s voyage will begin
its restless heart has gone before
now sleeps upon the wind




where then is the heart
the one who sings of love
stories still, forgotten
long lost moments of

past familiar faces
dewdrops on the lawn
brushed by tender footsteps
silent in the dawn

day breaks into dreaming
awake to linen light
dreams that danced before
now fading from the night

her memories of always
waves washed along the shore
as tides retreating carried
shells bleached by evermore

always hearts are full of
what life has come to give
through this blessed shadow
within the breath to live