The Way

In the light are shadows
of some supposed truth.
The promises we came for,
in dreams we search for proof.

Lurking in the darkness,
of what we’ve come to be.
The essence of the thunder,
through the flash we see.

Far off in the distance,
a rutted road to know.
Caused our pace to quicken,
along which life will show.

A well worn track of others,
who walked along until,
their breath became their labor,
so on it they fell still.

Waiting in the sunset,
for another day gone by.
To take them back to always,
a moon across the sky.

And by the light reflecting,
a shadow on the ground,
they come to know the spirit,
the voice without a sound.

In that place remaining,
the voice is heard to say;
this path is yours for learning –
your truth along The Way.