Rivers of tears

matters of the heart
lie hidden
these untruths
seldom revealed
to the light
of day
of eyes
of all the shadows
cold remains

purpose poses
as if to say
here I am
there I go
forever wandering
in time
never wondering
why we came
where we came
from and leading
to the fall
of water into

eye motions
emotions beg
forgiveness of sins
signs in seasons
opening whether
the weather
the winds
and the rain
cry rivers of tears
cleansing rivers
of blood
while the soul
seeks forever’s

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Eulogy for my Sister


Spoken for the wake of my beloved sister JoAnn –

In the conclusion of The Hero with a Thousand Faces, Joseph Campbell tells us it was Nietzsche who said “Live, as though the day were here.” He goes on to say; That every one of us shares the supreme ordeal – carries the cross of the redeemer – not in the bright moments of the tribe’s great victories, but in the silences of his personal despair.

Jo-Ann, today we hear your silence. A voice that speaks in our memories of your trials and your victories, as living proof of all we’ve seen you stand up to. Not only a disease, but your love of family, of life, and your voice for the law, equity and justice. A voice that will long echo your story … A young mother who knew, in her time, education would pay her the best dividend. You worked and attended Law School full time, not just chasing, but grabbing hold of your dreams … all the while knowing, as you often said, for a woman it was: “Another day, another 78 cents.”

You told me not long ago, in the midst all those therapies, that each day you had a choice; Stay in bed, or get up, put your feet on the floor and face the day. Gathered here, are many witnesses that every day you chose Nietzsche’s advice.

By God’s grace, you and I became brother and sister. We grew up in one of the best examples of a dysfunctional baby boomer family, and we remained lifelong friends. I have celebrated your joys, known your darkest fears, shared your remarkable dinner table, and felt your deepest sorrows. There are no regrets where love lives in the heart.

We laughed often, cried together, and yes, we argued a bit … I was blessed. Not with the quiet blessing at a dinner table, but a hard won blessing from all the bits and pieces of a lifetime of love that now lives forever in my soul.

Sis, you have opened my eyes to a truer understanding of our reason for being… To live every day as Spirit meant it to be … Full of breath, of heartbeats, and emotions. Seizing every day with a love for all life has to offer, always remembering that – “The sky would have no rainbow, if the eyes had no tears.”

I love you … and I will truly miss your voice …

Link to Remembrance of JoAnn R Sensale

tears of glass

Tears of Glass

part of all there ever was
rings between the me and you
dreaming into this creation
what believing never knew

sands shifting into days remembered
lies were told against the grain
the ebony that fades in daylight
as memories come round again

from summer days and winter fires
embers cooled and swept away
grace the garden greening over
where willows whisper to the day

of hands once holding onto moments
days and times now come to pass
a songbirds tune rolls through my ears
and down my cheeks in tears of glass

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Star Crossed eBook


Star Crossed
Is an eBook release in Jan 2015 of a collection of poems nearly all published on WordPress, now available on Lulu.com and coming soon to Amazon and Barnes and Noble

The term Star Crossed must be as old as literature itself. It occurred to me that so many of the poems I’ve written over the years were expressions of just such times and places – People who meet and because of the alignment or misalignment of the stars, some twist of fate, or long forgotten destiny, they are swept together and then apart by the tides of life, leaving them to wonder what it meant, does it have a meaning, and wondering at life; often setting them on another journey of discovery, one that may never end, or lead to more questions.

To this poet everything has meaning, and in these words it is my sincere desire that the reader will find solace in knowing he or she is not alone in feeling that the universe moves in ways we may never understand, and find re-assurance that in moments like these we touch the soul of life and that those feelings which words can barely express, remain, a truth, forever. Yes, at night I often wonder …

At night I often wonder
in bed before I sleep
the sound of distant thunder
reflecting dark and deep

of songs I heard in places
so far removed from here
resembling all the traces
of things I hold so dear

for the thoughts we come to keep
sacred in our heart
become the tears we know we weep
when dreams from us depart

yet only in our dreams we will
forever hold those times
always in the shadows still
the voice of hope still chimes

and as my sleep enfolds me
I cling to what I’ve known
yet longing always to be free
from what day’s light has shown

journeys in the night enfold
and often I embrace
the gifts of love in life I hold
brought to me through grace

Somewhere in time

Dreamlit tree

Kindness held
the hand of love
Far from home
The way
Of the heart
and knew
Its time
and place
had come

As wind
through palms
on tropic shores
Or windswept icy
crystal gales
Thinking made from
long before
The sun rose
in our eyes

In lessons life
will fill our days
In nights
here aching
tears might rain
To let us know
The living proof
Brought to light
Where love
Has been set free

There is
no choice
We cannot make
Nor any lost
in Time
Each a blessing
Stills the heart
As truth
within her eyes

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Take a breath
Hold this moment
In your heart
In your hand
and remember
How it felt
to be together
Knowing the ache
Free, feeling
dreaming and waking
Realizing life
as a breath
and a heartbeat
Love given
and taken
Memories forever
and still
Echoes of hands
long held
and walks
long remembered
Sunsets passing
into time
Glorious, glorious
time …

Image: http://vfrance.deviantart.com/art/Lovers-Walking-166319112

between the cracks


street signs reflecting
ask questions between
life lives in moments
of eye sight and dreams

pause for a passing
light guides the way
there for the taking
love comes our way

not knowing the reason
what destiny seems
to answer our questions
through cracks in between

the days of our lives
are filling the air
with measures of truth
in smiles we will share

Image: http://wonderopolis.org/wonder/why-do-sidewalks-have-lines/

still standing


what was once a memory
has drifted into blue
as snow is melting to a stream
fading frozen from our view

running fast and far away
the winter seasons cry
into an ocean of our tears
since hearts were left to fly

far away on sun swept wings
with wonder wrapped in lace
water colors filled the sky
as Angels fell from grace

to touch the heart again in time
became their solemn prayer
love fulfilled a moments dream
alone still standing there

Image: http://storm016.deviantart.com/art/Head-Above-the-Clouds-48392931

Pastel Sunrise

pastel sunrise

Summer suns, fading shadows
light splashed and splintered
in between
Life revealing in our days
reflecting all
the could have beens

Had we stayed into the night
another dawn would rise
Broken clouds
in pastel hues
that Angels brushed
across the skies

A thousand Suns on fire live
Within their rays
love comes to see
As every hand
that’s ever known
The alter
of the heart
will be

Eternal – Always – Evermore
the measure of the soul
Its meaning lost
in who we are
Knowing e’er becomes
the goal

So in this life
Each breath will fill
and leave the chest
a hollow place
Stars will streak
Across these nights
To guide us back
into our grace …

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broken hearted


what becomes of the broken hearted
will they ever find the light again (and where)
does it feel to love again (how can it)
everything it was was washed away with rain
clouds rolling into summer storms
(lightning and thunder)

how the heart is hurting, beats inside (a hollow moon)
skies are filled with darkness (lies) as shades are drawn
the morning passes (there are no more songbirds)
summer grasses dried into hay (waiting to be cut)

long hot nights return to bedsheets (unmade)
an empty place to lay beside (no longer seems to fit)
and dreams never come as thoughts spin into webs
dust settles in the mind (as another moon rises)

yes, what becomes of the broken hearted?
left with only a dare (to love again)
to feel all there ever was (and shall be)
what quiet smile and tender touch (will heal)
the lessons lost across these stars (becoming)

Image: http://www.paintingsilove.com/image/show/284569/broken-hearted