Divine Sparks


Photo by gfs – Maui Morning Rainbow

Life in this realm is about being a conscious creator. We are given consciousness as divine sparks to mimic the greater creation. To know and to understand creativity, and connection with the realm, so that we may have the opportunity to expand the universe through the creation of ourselves and our world. Our spheres of influence … Life and death are not the meaning, conscious creation is …

Pastel Sunrise

pastel sunrise

Summer suns, fading shadows
light splashed and splintered
in between
Life revealing in our days
reflecting all
the could have beens

Had we stayed into the night
another dawn would rise
Broken clouds
in pastel hues
that Angels brushed
across the skies

A thousand Suns on fire live
Within their rays
love comes to see
As every hand
that’s ever known
The alter
of the heart
will be

Eternal – Always – Evermore
the measure of the soul
Its meaning lost
in who we are
Knowing e’er becomes
the goal

So in this life
Each breath will fill
and leave the chest
a hollow place
Stars will streak
Across these nights
To guide us back
into our grace …

Image: http://kootation.com/blue-sunrise-beautiful-pastel-morning-pink-colors-orange-water/cache.desktopnexus.com*thumbnails*1428511-bigthumbnail.jpg/