The Dark Night


On bended knee is where we find
Through our lives a wind will blow
Storms will rise with thunder claps
and moon swept tides will flow

Waters churn into the night
Darkness settles on the land
Lovers lost in narratives
Can minds competing understand

How the heart still longs to love
Clings to promises of faith
Lonely from the lies in leather
Tears leave stains upon the lace

The dark night of the soul will come
and go again by days between
The lessons learned in living still
fill galleries of all we’ve seen


color forms


lazy days of summer sun
painting lawns Kentucky blue
reminding hearts of long ago
and warmer days of me and you

morning thought it heard a voice
perhaps an echo in the mind
as pictures from the night recede
and waking moments come to find

the floor will rise to meet my feet
and know the days reflections seem
like memories just out of reach
and lights that washed away the dream

still always dreams will find a way
as flower blooms from summer storms
called by light from other worlds
creating perfect color forms


Once upon a time


Once upon a far off land
across a sea so far and deep
There I came to know a name
written on my soul to keep

Ne’er a thought had ever crossed
these regions of the mind
Could have ever given pause
to whom I was to find

Not lost in some embarrassment
nor taken by another will
Her’s a place there written softly
in indigo as stars stood still

In canopies of heaven’s grace
a violet sparkled spacious sky
Forgave the heart of discontent
from one whose dreams sailed by

Exotic ports of call forgotten
longing for a storm tossed sea
A ships wheel lashed before the main
stood watch within her mystery

Forever wind shall call their names
and harbors beckon calling home
The ones who dare set sail toward
those destinies they roam


stardust and dreams


snow falling leaves a hush in the eve’ng
lying there outside of life in a dream
a time before ever their moments too few
a place far away from any they knew

crystals fall glistening light leaves its mark
cloudy the north star hides in the dark
finding the traveler lost on the way
wonders where sun will rise into the day

what ebony sky has flowed from this start
the closeness of love has held them apart
moon glow and crescents remembered to say
has life’s waters flowing lead them astray

such was the night when diamonds fell down
painted the white that covered the sound
left there a meaning to wonder forever
how stardust and dreams brought them together

Image: Courtesy Google Images



beaches, footprints in shifting sands
water flowing through our lives
there are loves we know and knew (still behold)
the story of our soul, written into light
(destiny revealed)
what was the course we took (star crossed)
wondering why, still knowing it is written
in stardust, across deserts (and dynasties)
what were the words, what tongue was spoken
the last time the sun faded (far horizons)
sinking into the west, into a sea (of dreams)
life passes, love endures, unfolds (again and again)
I hold on to the night (shadows, dreaming)
of forests primeval, dark and deep (unforgiving)
cold rain, chills to the bone and shivers
unstuck in time, fear and a fever (wake me)
what time is it? where in time is this?
what place becomes me now
(settled back into life)
to hold onto breath (once more)
I sigh, and with it whisper (a word)
eons of time echo (your name …)

Image: Malibu beach by gfs – 2012

Cloud Atlas

Have this hand to hold in life
whisper softly in my ear
feel your breath upon my face
lift me from all of my fear

time has fled unbroken still
the ages pass again too soon
our memory fades across the sky
the sun will rise across the room

where once within each other’s arms
we passed the quiet night in sleep
dreams were fleeting in the dawn
and love was ours to keep

as destiny will always make
the time we choose another round
our kisses fell upon the sheets
and leaving left no sound

for ears so far away in time
might never come to listen
as songs are sealed in notes that ring
beyond where stardust glistens

each as one teardrop became
a stream to fill the ocean
forgiven hearts were woven e’er
where twilight stars have spoken

days of youth

Just another love lost night
a rain upon the heart
a question of remembering
the day we fell apart

there remains the test of time
the reason for the fall
the last of every memory
in nothing I recall

where earth and sky remained behind
their colors melting into night
the stars began their glistening
lost behind the amber light

of streets to wander evermore
searching for the truth
of why we came and went so soon
lost in days of youth


Wandering Stars

If unerringly simple
the deeds do
or quickly and quietly
the lambs
and the shepherds
would fold into flocks
of wandering, wondering

Reading Immanuel Velikovsky’s ‘Worlds in Collision’ and could not help but recall this poem I had written many years ago …


Beyond the Sea

As I recall
you faced the sun
far from the road
you sought to run

Away again
another day
a future place
now far away

Into the past
some other time
becomes the place
now left behind

Into a world
of make believe
a guiding star
in time to leave

Becomes the form
of memory
A ship that sailed
beyond the sea

Wind in His Hair

[Wind in His Hair]: You know, the man she mourned for…he was my best friend.
[Dances with Wolves]: I didn’t know that.
[Wind in His Hair]: He was a good man. It has been hard for me to like you. I am not the thinker. Kicking Bird is. I always feel anger first. There were no answers to my questions. But now I think he went away because you were coming. That is how I see it.

Dances with Wolves is perhaps Kevin Kostner’s Magnum Opus in Cinema, this exchange between Wind in His Hair and Dances with Wolves before his marriage to Stands with a Fist, tells us that Spirit runs through us all, regardless of how we view the world …