No time to cry

Photo: Boardwalk at Bethany Beach, DE by gfs

Time is all I have to keep
And all now you’ve given up
Faded leaves are washed away
In snow melt seen turning to clay

Rivers run cold as the hills unfold
Letting down in their winter dreams
Maples will fill up-rushing again
For the sweetness of life to become

Was it hard to go with no hand to hold
at the crossroads when waking to dreams
I’ll wonder at this and a thousand things
In the days that are mine still ahead

For today you see I’ve no time to cry
No way to find all the tears
I’ll keep them for you to come when they’re due
In a place and a time left to find

The paradox of consciousness – part II


The paradox of consciousness continues to be an enigma in view of world events and the presence of the human condition today and throughout what we call recorded history. History as a descriptor is a vague understanding of that has gone on in the past relative to the conditions of present status quo – but bear in mind, that the very act of cataloguing human events is a matter of consciousness relative to the passage of time, and the interaction of human beings with their total environment, not just each other but the natural world – seen and unseen.

Carl Jung made us aware of the term archetypes for good reasons, for we live in a world of thought as much as we would want to believe that we only live in a world of matter. Your current act of reading these words is thought, and in that thought is the creative work of organizing my thinking, my words into your present consciousness, and allowing them to manifest as you will – (free will). Don’t mistake the map for the territory, when it comes to thinking, and also the reverse – the territory for the map! Thinking is reality as much as reality is thought – which is a paradox of consciousness.

Do we dream our life into existence? I would venture many will agree with this in some way or another, but in most cases it would be limited to concepts like – I wanted to vacation in Maui, so I imagined myself there – did the research, booked the flights, and the hotels, got myself to the airport, was transported to paradise, and the dream was made real. All well and good, but let’s not limit the creative power of the mind, based on a misconception of consciousness; That all encompassing, Spirit, soul, body, creation of the reality that surrounds us.

Stepping back – Science would have us believe that our bodies come into being by the very natural process of procreation, gestation, and birth. No argument there, but wasn’t thought involved? Idealistically – Two individual consciousnesses decided to create a family, created a union, and brought their dream into their presence. Or, at the very least two horny people fucked at the perfect time of the moon, and human egg was fertilized, to be born in a time, in rhythm with nature. Both were thought forms, granted one might be considered more noble that the other, but none the less, it was a thought that brought forth these creations.

We cannot measure Spirit because Spirit cannot be measured. As stated in the Tao Te Ching – The Tao that can be spoken of is not The Tao. Most people – even scientists believe in a higher power, and this is were the paradox begins, as belief is not knowledge – so we profess faith to be the knowledge of things not seen, and by founding our religions on it, we propagate the paradox. The modern human (and by modern I mean the current human consciousness of any age) wants to know the truth, yet too often accepts the lie in believe as the same thing, and could quite readily die in a war fighting for it. The very first human right – perhaps the most important human right, is the ability to ask questions and be allowed to find answers that are not a matter of consensus, but are a matter of truth to an individual’s mind.

Oppression is a violation of this very natural condition of consciousness, to question reality, to be curious about the world around us, to look at the clockwork of the universe and ask why, then being allowed to freely seek the truth in your own way, in your own time, without conflict or criticism other than constructive argumentation. Perhaps this is what the philosophers were after, and what has become obscured by university exams, and the dogmas of higher learning. The paradox of consciousness is not that we are less learned than ever before, it is that we question less and less what we learn as truth and in doing so accept more and more of what the senses tell us, rather than what the soul of things speaks so clearly through Spirit. As Gibran said so succinctly “We are eternity gazing at itself in the mirror.”


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Forsaken Paradise

forever lost

Foot falls and paradox
these are the moments
etched in bone
carried across the wilderness
of time

Imagine the emptiness
alone on a beach
of windswept sands
driven endlessly
across tidewater dunes

What heart would choose
this loneliness
what reason could
coerce the reason
to sink beneath the wind

Yet they come
hoards of Huns and Mongols
barbarians incensed with being
without minding
all their creations

Souls seeking solace in form
desiring all of creations joy
Yet finding mostly misery
forced to forget the agreement
weighted with woe


raison d’être

mountain tree

Summer days waking the earth
Wind and fire rain upon the land
Will it find hope
extinguished with the flames
or Spirit rising with the wind

Is this the reason for being
For rising tides
and rainbows on far horizons
for beauty and passion
for holding onto life

Meadows fill with windflowers
Born by the light
of a distant sun
Whose love knows no boundaries
Embracing the oceans of time

Where do the songbirds go
When night falls
Do they fall from the sky
Does the earth gather them up
to rise again with the dawn

Do the wing-ed’s songs
Echo and vanish with them
Leaving the Nightingale
Alone – keeping vigil
Through the dark?

Are we the same
Do the dream worlds we visit
while sleeping
Become what’s the matter
with life

Or is life what happens
when we dream
Of forests whispering in the wind
and the snow that waits
Above the Tropic of Cancer


Light of the Heart


Tell me a story
Make me feel
All of your magic
Made real

In hands to hold
Spells to cast
Lightning and thunder
Not future or past

Only a moment
This is our place
Now is forever
Sharing the grace

Of lifetimes in love
Ever to find
The light of the heart
Alive in the mind





when I fell from some great height
who was there to see and feel
a soul into a waiting heart
alive, becoming, what is real?

words were wrapped in wonderment
tender ‘neath the veil of tears
breathing into what becomes
the music of the spheres

all we ever shall become
or ever knew could ever be
reflecting in the sunlit day
the Spirit into life set free

the spark upon the alter of
the living God we willed
the presence of divinity
became the life fulfilled

round again love will cross
e’er until the breathing in
returns to rest forever more
where light begins again


stardust and dreams


snow falling leaves a hush in the eve’ng
lying there outside of life in a dream
a time before ever their moments too few
a place far away from any they knew

crystals fall glistening light leaves its mark
cloudy the north star hides in the dark
finding the traveler lost on the way
wonders where sun will rise into the day

what ebony sky has flowed from this start
the closeness of love has held them apart
moon glow and crescents remembered to say
has life’s waters flowing lead them astray

such was the night when diamonds fell down
painted the white that covered the sound
left there a meaning to wonder forever
how stardust and dreams brought them together

Image: Courtesy Google Images

The Blame Game

Is your story a Comedy or Tragedy, this is what I want to know … Honestly I could say it is probably a little of both, depending on where you are in life, and what you choose to believe.

I am sure everyone has heard the expression – “We can’t choose our parents” … To be truthful, my research (and my intuition) tells me otherwise. That we actually do choose our parents, and that we get everything we want out of life, both because and in spite of it. Pause a moment and reflect, even the most ardent agnostic has to admit there is now some very compelling (physical) evidence that there is intelligent design going on in this universe, and that Homo Sapiens is one of the ultimate examples of it.

So why do we play the blame game? First of all it is what we are taught, and by taught I mean programmed to be. Blame is a prime factor in modern life – Look at the Billboards along the highways, the TV adds “INJURED? WE CAN HELP call 1-800-GET-SUED and we will get you everything that is coming to you.” So you see, we are taught to blame others, otherwise we would have to take responsibility for our own actions, our own lives, and that would mean that we were attempting to find our own destiny, to becoming truly hu-man; Spirit-Man.

Dr. Wayne Dyer tells one of the best stories in this regard – He is interviewing a patient and after some number of minutes he tells this person “Stop! I’ve heard enough, what I want you to do is leave now and go and get your mother”, The patient is surprised and asks why?
“Well” he says “I want to get your mother in here so I can straighten her out, and then all of your problems will go away”

And there it is – The perfect example of where we have gotten to. It’s not my fault, it’s my mother’s, or my father’s, or anyone else’s who came along that I let program me, and even though I run the programs, I am not the one who wrote them, so I am not responsible.

Now hear this – it’s a free will universe – I have to tell you that any Computer Professional would not care who wrote the program, if it is defective, it is the owners fault, and the consequences of a faulty program can lead to disciplinary action “up to and including termination”.

Destiny, free will, fate … All words we use to justify our abdication of our own free will in the blame game, when the reality is our destiny is shaped by it. And yes, we make choices from the time we prepare to come into this world, and each and every moment thereafter. So choose wisely. Write your own program, it feels the best to run your own, and there is no one to blame for it but ourselves …

star fall


believe me when I say to you
there are days of life between
numbers rounded into lives
and all that we have seen

remains among the sands of time
the very paths we’ve roamed
are places where we learned to love
and days we shared alone

lost in our unholiness
fading from forever’s dream
the light of life its spark within
not far from where we’ve been

as stars will fall from hea’en above
and suns will warm our skin
our blessing is forever’s grace
that still invites us in

the heart of life our destiny
woven by creation’s loom
returning we will know the light
and love will bring us home

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wanders the heart

still wandering far from the heart
if only we could have known
this is the moment, this is the day
in life would we will to be shown

the presence of all things unseen
danced in the airs of the mind
rising on waves of emotion so still
everlasting the dreams will find

distant horizons lost in the haze
darkness awakes to the light of the day
cold is the rain no harbor is found
running before the storm on the way

to a land of promise written before
its India ink leaves a spot on the soul
long is the journey searching for truth
forgetting in life forever the goal

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