tears of glass

Tears of Glass

part of all there ever was
rings between the me and you
dreaming into this creation
what believing never knew

sands shifting into days remembered
lies were told against the grain
the ebony that fades in daylight
as memories come round again

from summer days and winter fires
embers cooled and swept away
grace the garden greening over
where willows whisper to the day

of hands once holding onto moments
days and times now come to pass
a songbirds tune rolls through my ears
and down my cheeks in tears of glass

Image: http://volcanoartcenter.org/wp-content/uploads/2015/01/Darren-Goodman-Natures-Gold.jpg

We’ll Always Have Paris

Paris, France, by artist Hall Groat II

I kissed you in the morning rain
dreaming there along the Seine
The city seemed to melt away
this touch of love would never end

We walked along together there
Le Tour d’Eiffel ours to remember;
Les Champs Eleysees aglow within
a noonday of forever

Along the steps to Montmartre
wrapped in a purple twilight
We watched the city twinkling
and painted a Starry Night

With a Chardonnay’s soft bouquet
we raised a glass to the City of Lights
of ages past, to all of France
her romance, and her sights !

Yes, we’ll always have Paris
like the Seine our mem’ry will flow;
Love isn’t always all we dream,
….and always, more than we know