Shades of blue

Overlook & perspective – Photo by gfs
Snow covered landscapes
Memories frosting our lives
Talk of simpler days
Passing years in our youth

Moments without judgement
Remain in dreams
Thoughts crystallized
Formed in the twilight before

Ever there was
a way to remain
In the joy and laughter
of children

This then the dream
Forgotten at the gate
Sought in ten thousand shades
Of blue beneath a star dappled dome

Opened before
The world ever asked
To become
The life we once knew

The Abyss of Choice


Photo: Haleakala Mists – Maui, HI by gfs

Places in our memories hold
The lines of time within our mind
Leaves and branches bent and blowing
Again into this world to find

This eternal light within us
Hidden in the shrouds we wear
Longs to lift the ever after
Letting go of all the fear

As we melt into the choices
Essence wakes as wills unfold
Echoes always here returning
To the hands and hearts we hold

Enter through the waters falling
What courage leaps to the abyss
As voices fade beyond the yearning
The sun awaits the virgin’s kiss


Voice of the Abyss


The price of all our memories
Lines of time within our mind
Leaves and branches bent and blowing
A downwind reach into the Sun

This eternal light within us
Hidden in the shrouds we wear
Longs to let the ever after
Wake into this night of dreams

Essence is the will becoming
Senses are the way we feel
Echoing the souls reflection
From the walls of the Abyss


Lost in Form


ever after is allowed
to find the reasons measure
a chance to ask the emptiness
for all there is to treasure

buried before the storm began
as glaciers scored the land
what had risen now would fall
by the sweep of nature’s hand

lands of long ago forgotten
all the works the ages gave
myths are what became of lives
forgotten with the grave

time is just a measure of
the rounds around the sun
then sun again around its star
as ages are un-spun

for all the distances of space
cannot begin to measure
the truth behind the word that spoke
the breath of life we treasure

forever is another place
a land now lost beneath the storm
as Titans clashed within the Earth
their lovers lost in form …


on until our life runs out
and in until we gain
the fruits of all
our labor here
to make this sweet refrain

again into the world we bring
what’s hidden in our past
to shape our days
and life’s own time
with all we are at last

the works we will
the souls we’ve touched
we carry on in thought
to form the place
where we’ve become
and build the life
we sought


The Falls – The Trial By Existence

Interestingly I find people who don’t like Robert Frost, maybe its because he was a New Englander, they are hard to get to know, and even harder to understand, I think its the winters that keeps them bottled up inside. Even if you are not a fan you must read -‘The Trial By Existence‘. His words are mystical, inspired, and in it he reveals many things about our journey here on earth, and the preparation for it.

This then leads to the thoughts regarding the subject line, The Falls … one of the most powerful scenes in film I have ever watched is in ‘Last of the Mohicans’ where after being pursued for hours Hawkeye and Cora are hiding in a cutout behind a waterfall, they know they will be found, and over the cacophony of the waters, he cries out to her – I will find you! – and leaps through the cascade of waters into the river below; to me this symbolizes Frost’s Trial by Existence … “the obscuration upon the earth”, I think James Fenimore Cooper knew this as well.

“But always God speaks at the end:
One thought in agony of strife
The bravest would have by for friend,
The memory that he chose the life;
But the pure fate to which you go
Admits no memory of choice,
Or the woe were not earthly woe
To which you give the assenting voice.” *

Or the woe were not earthly woe … ah, and there’s the rub; if Hawkeye was fully aware of what stood before him, what would be the reason to leap into that waterfall, if emerging on the other side, he knew exactly where to look to find her, exactly what the consequences of his actions would be, what would be the purpose of the journey, of the effort, of the reason for being?

In light of Frost’s depiction of our journey here on Earth, should we ever feel forsaken, or ever wonder why this time, feeling, burden, or joy, has come to us, we might well consider that we had long ago chosen it, seen the very life set out, the choices we could make, the errors possible along the way, and still we gave ‘assenting voice’ to all we would know in this life “Heroic in its nakedness, Against the uttermost of earth”

The same forces that helped Hawkeye in his leap through the falls, and to survive the current at the bottom into a new world, a new life, a new beginning, are ever present to every one of us. We think we are alone, taught to make it on our own. Yet truly, we are always guided, and we should listen with ever finer ears, see with ever clearer vision, feel with an ever softer touch, until we know the truth of this –

“Nothing but what we somehow chose;
Thus are we wholly stripped of pride
In the pain that has but one close
Bearing it crushed and mystified.” *

* & ” – Robert Frost – from The Trial By Existence