The Philospher’s Stone


Once a far off dream became
a legend of the fall
Where time and place had come to be
the ruin of it all

There the haunting hollow sound
The taking and the giving meant
Forgiveness would be understood
As the weeping willow bent

Before the gale that came ashore
and spilled into the west
Soon the sun revealed the ruin
Where love had come to rest

Lost she was until she saw
Through eyes the dreams were spoken
Of lives that stood before the storm
Their memories unbroken

In sacred gardens another time
The plenty of the earth became
Fruits that grew to be forsaken
Wilted, washed, within the rain

We turn and time has passed its will
Life springing from the land
Could we have known the way we were
As light before the shifting sand

Heroes, legends, faces, ships
Philosophers of stone
Their epics written in the stars
As guides to lead us home

A word in your ear

In conversation does one hear what you say, do they hear your feelings, or do they hear their feelings? How can you paint a thought, a feeling with words? Can we ever tell the truth or is the truth only in the ear of the listener? I can tell someone my thoughts but can I tell them my feelings? With words, can the poet make you feel his heart?

A word in your ears
is a blossom of spring,
or a clap of thunder,
start of a summer storm

Will you whisper to me
how your heart feels
Can you make your words
a song in my mind

A soft echo of love
or a resounding of waters,
falling from a high place,
into eddies below


Versatile Blogger Award

I have to thank Bloggers Growthlines and Eric Alagan of Written Words Never Die for their thoughtfulness and appreciation of the the written word in nominating me – my Blog – for the Versatile Blogger Award – many, many thanks for this recognition.

To share Seven things about myself (not mentioned in elsewhere):
1) I am a Scorpio, with Scorpio rising and moon in Pisces
2) I think that Damian, the Astrologer in the East Village of NYC never finished my horoscope because of that
3) There is no earth in my chart
4) I took up the study of Astrology because of his refusal to deliver, and I am still learning about myself and others
5) I may forget someones name but never forget their sign
6) I had a lock of my hair stolen by two young ladies on a NYC subway at about the same time in my life – they were probably from one of the Islands in the Caribbean)
7) I have vivid dreams almost every night, keep a dream log, but as of yet can’t control them

Now for the hard part,- recognize 15 Bloggers – as there are so many versatile bloggers out there:
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Each and every one of these blogs is creative and diverse in many ways, with a theme that seems to run through every one, they are about healing the self, and others. Each blogger shows a creativity that in another age of human kind would have gone unrecognized. We are truly living in a Global Village