New Years Resolution

Echo Lake, Utah

To remember who and what I am
where I came from and why I became
to know there are always others
who are greater and lesser than me

To always feel kindness for our earth
and notice the hawks circling
listen for their cries on the wind –
and know they too have meaning

To remember in every heart there is a story;
Love deeply and feel for all creation
since there is never enough love,
and always a need for understanding

To laugh often and smile without reason
not to hold grudges (they are such silly things)
And never judge a person before
I have walked a mile in their shoes

To walk barefoot more – for I am a part
and not apart from the grass and trees
to relish every sunset (and sunrise too)
and realize clouds always pass away

into another day, another time and season
of hope, faith, charity and love
so every passing year
~ this day reminds me ~
in every hand I touch …

… I touch the face of God