Presence in the wind
love moving through
a dream we call life
days answer to ears

Not listening to voices
carried on the breeze
along with sea spray
the scent of plumeria

Calling lovers together
to hold on once again
in a the sharing of light
and silent echoes
of hello
“Kauai Trade Winds” – photo by gfs

Love is a garden


Flowers bloomHawaiian Orchids
springtime yearning
Golden rays
of sun
turn the good earth’s
gardens into love

Hearts believe
thoughts deceive
and wonder
at the ways
Relations turning
ever after
all the times
we cried

Tears became
the sacred rain
to fill the streams
of life
Ever flowing
toward their oceans
where waves
roll ceaseless

Robins nest
as cherry blossoms
fill the seasons scents
Rising ever
life’s desires
long to feel
our joy

Photo – Hawaiian Gardens by gfs



the voice of nature
songs on the wind
whispering pines
Aspens quaking
as an Autumn sun
sets …

does she know
time as measure
what wheel work
fashions the seasons
for our pleasure

waves on beaches
shifting sands to roam
feet will ever wander
places never known

shores sailed by
looking for passages
to the heart
as the flowers
fragrance fades
and the Monarch
for home …

Photo by grandfathersky near Aspen Colorado 2013

Along The Way

how could we know
what would there be
forever’s flame
upon on the sea

of lives to live
in time and space
and destinies
in another place

where we became
and held onto
the love that left
and thought we knew

the reason for
the fire’s light
we would create
beyond the night

and farther from
the better or worse
we stepped into
this universe

and faded from
eternal sun
which watches now
the forgotten one

who lives without
the life within
the point of light
where we begin

a story told
of ancient days
ours to behold
along The Way

Image: Courtesy of Google Images

The Mountain Speaks

View from Pike's Peak, Colorado, USA

Huddled low within the snow,
wind whipped into a freshened storm,
becoming what the climber knew,
would drink of all he knew as warm.

Drifting mem’ries from far below,
a house and home across the sea,
where summer winds would beckon him,
to come and lift his spirit free.

In dizzied heights and slowly climb,
a mountainside – no two the same.
Not some foreign place to wander …
each holy place, without a name.

Against the sky where angels tread,
this was where true love was found.
Stepping slowly, reach the summit,
stand in awe, then turn around.

But ah! descent a lasting measure,
time to savor a journey’s end,
and trace the trail with certainty,
now his weight – a hand to lend.

Recall the granite face of God,
smiling brightly meant life is good,
but if it frowns and shadows roll,
His temper must be understood.

For creeping o’er the ragged peaks,
unbridled wind from a distant sea,
leaves sculptures frozen on the peaks,
then cascades onward to be free.

And having left this crystal palace,
in blankets o’er the rock and bone,
spirits will gather on the mountain,
to take a heedless climber home.