The Philospher’s Stone


Once a far off dream became
a legend of the fall
Where time and place had come to be
the ruin of it all

There the haunting hollow sound
The taking and the giving meant
Forgiveness would be understood
As the weeping willow bent

Before the gale that came ashore
and spilled into the west
Soon the sun revealed the ruin
Where love had come to rest

Lost she was until she saw
Through eyes the dreams were spoken
Of lives that stood before the storm
Their memories unbroken

In sacred gardens another time
The plenty of the earth became
Fruits that grew to be forsaken
Wilted, washed, within the rain

We turn and time has passed its will
Life springing from the land
Could we have known the way we were
As light before the shifting sand

Heroes, legends, faces, ships
Philosophers of stone
Their epics written in the stars
As guides to lead us home

Lost in Form


ever after is allowed
to find the reasons measure
a chance to ask the emptiness
for all there is to treasure

buried before the storm began
as glaciers scored the land
what had risen now would fall
by the sweep of nature’s hand

lands of long ago forgotten
all the works the ages gave
myths are what became of lives
forgotten with the grave

time is just a measure of
the rounds around the sun
then sun again around its star
as ages are un-spun

for all the distances of space
cannot begin to measure
the truth behind the word that spoke
the breath of life we treasure

forever is another place
a land now lost beneath the storm
as Titans clashed within the Earth
their lovers lost in form …