Traveler of Souls


A part of all is known
the one who bore these souls
New life, new reason came
Wrapped inside love’s season
Longing to be, of a world unknown

Given breath barely breathing
A warm heart was once a part
and now apart from the womb
Into the home beside the hearth
Wonder at the reasons …

Whose choice was this to be
and what seed was planted ‘neath
The soils and the sins
Forever, wanting eyes to see
itself within love’s season

To hear the music of the soul
The ringing in the ears of time
The method and the madness echoes
Reaching out to some sad truth
and lost not knowing why

Eternities are ever present
A sacred cord her love conceals
Desire’s everlasting quest
Divine the mother’s holy light
To the travelers of souls


No Charge … (at Mother’s Day)

Her young son learned about work
and earning a living
So he ran home from school
sat down and wrote a note

Dear Mom,

For Services Rendered:

Take out the garbage – 25 cents
Make my bed each day – one dime
mowing the lawn – one dollar even
washing the car – one dollar more

Thinking about his piggy bank then,
He added another few bills –
By delivering A’s and B’s at school
A dollar and a half will do …

Mom got home from work very late,
and found her little boy’s bill –
Reading his words she offered her child
Just one more lesson to learn

On the page with his list she wrote
the things that a mother
gives with her heart;
without ever question of cost;

Carry a baby 9 months – no charge …
Birth in a labor of love – for free …
10,000 feedings, diapers, and baths
Given without any fee

Midnight to morning rocking a baby
who can’t seem to sleep – no charge …
Lotions for sunburn, lunch and snacks,
all through 1st grade – for free …

Enough was enough
so she finished her tally
and balanced the books
without keeping score

My darling young man,
when your own will son ask
what have you given, for me to keep?
Your answer can only be what I give you;

Love, my dear one, is always given for free …

This story was inspired by a sermon given on Mother’s Day at our church many, many years ago. I recalled my mother talking about it time after time. I was very young but do know our Pastor at the time was an eloquent speaker, and I hope these words have captured the spirit of his words …