Waitlessly wondering

Photo: Maui Sunset over Lana’i by gfs

Wait-less and wondering
just this ringing
in my ears
Past tense unfolding
you from my hands

I’ve wandered why
did thought hold onto
Temptation and tempers
and tastes left lingering
at the moon rise

Fingers pointing
words remaining
Shadows in silver light
Send shivers up
my spine

Awaking still quaking
within a dream
Left lying
at the gates of hell
Wishing me well

Telling stories of
sometime lost longing
In the heart
of a child lingering
where he cried

As a mothers love
told the stories
Held the hand
of the man he would be


Traveler of Souls


A part of all is known
the one who bore these souls
New life, new reason came
Wrapped inside love’s season
Longing to be, of a world unknown

Given breath barely breathing
A warm heart was once a part
and now apart from the womb
Into the home beside the hearth
Wonder at the reasons …

Whose choice was this to be
and what seed was planted ‘neath
The soils and the sins
Forever, wanting eyes to see
itself within love’s season

To hear the music of the soul
The ringing in the ears of time
The method and the madness echoes
Reaching out to some sad truth
and lost not knowing why

Eternities are ever present
A sacred cord her love conceals
Desire’s everlasting quest
Divine the mother’s holy light
To the travelers of souls

Image: http://www.ronnadetrick.com/touching-the-unknown-the-sacred-feminine/

wind in the pines

VT Pine forest

I hear words whispered in the pines
their message comes from eons past
no questions are posed, nothing to sell
just a voice in my hair that finds its way
to my soul without thinking
I wonder and wander with the wind
she holds my heart present in the sun
shows me the way home
where the seas and the winds rest
gently as neap tides in May
or the fragrance of life
in the shade of an Apple tree

Inspired by : http://makebelieveboutique.com/2014/05/24/9241/

Photo courtesy of Google Images

between the cracks


street signs reflecting
ask questions between
life lives in moments
of eye sight and dreams

pause for a passing
light guides the way
there for the taking
love comes our way

not knowing the reason
what destiny seems
to answer our questions
through cracks in between

the days of our lives
are filling the air
with measures of truth
in smiles we will share

Image: http://wonderopolis.org/wonder/why-do-sidewalks-have-lines/

The Blame Game

Is your story a Comedy or Tragedy, this is what I want to know … Honestly I could say it is probably a little of both, depending on where you are in life, and what you choose to believe.

I am sure everyone has heard the expression – “We can’t choose our parents” … To be truthful, my research (and my intuition) tells me otherwise. That we actually do choose our parents, and that we get everything we want out of life, both because and in spite of it. Pause a moment and reflect, even the most ardent agnostic has to admit there is now some very compelling (physical) evidence that there is intelligent design going on in this universe, and that Homo Sapiens is one of the ultimate examples of it.

So why do we play the blame game? First of all it is what we are taught, and by taught I mean programmed to be. Blame is a prime factor in modern life – Look at the Billboards along the highways, the TV adds “INJURED? WE CAN HELP call 1-800-GET-SUED and we will get you everything that is coming to you.” So you see, we are taught to blame others, otherwise we would have to take responsibility for our own actions, our own lives, and that would mean that we were attempting to find our own destiny, to becoming truly hu-man; Spirit-Man.

Dr. Wayne Dyer tells one of the best stories in this regard – He is interviewing a patient and after some number of minutes he tells this person “Stop! I’ve heard enough, what I want you to do is leave now and go and get your mother”, The patient is surprised and asks why?
“Well” he says “I want to get your mother in here so I can straighten her out, and then all of your problems will go away”

And there it is – The perfect example of where we have gotten to. It’s not my fault, it’s my mother’s, or my father’s, or anyone else’s who came along that I let program me, and even though I run the programs, I am not the one who wrote them, so I am not responsible.

Now hear this – it’s a free will universe – I have to tell you that any Computer Professional would not care who wrote the program, if it is defective, it is the owners fault, and the consequences of a faulty program can lead to disciplinary action “up to and including termination”.

Destiny, free will, fate … All words we use to justify our abdication of our own free will in the blame game, when the reality is our destiny is shaped by it. And yes, we make choices from the time we prepare to come into this world, and each and every moment thereafter. So choose wisely. Write your own program, it feels the best to run your own, and there is no one to blame for it but ourselves …


there is no love
without consciousness
there is no life
without love

how do we tear
ourselves apart
with only a word
come to be

what could I say
to forgive you
of yourself
and the weight

the burden you bear
for no other reason
than the comfort
of its presence

like the yoke
of the oxen
without it
life undefined

purpose in being
ours to decide
will we be
what we will

the past is buried
a windswept tide
washes the stains
from our lives

each day a flower
waiting to bloom
from the burden
buried before …

Image: http://petchary.wordpress.com/2010/12/08/baggage/

The paradox of consciousness

Consciousness is perhaps the most difficult subject to discuss, still it is one which needs to be addressed in this time and space, since we are now bridging ourselves into a future that is truly uncertain, as there are so many people who are on the brink, who are at the tipping point between, believing and knowing, between the physical and the spiritual, between the merging of science and religion.

Our future depends on this paradox, and because it exists we are caught between a future based on truth and a past made up of a myriad of lies. Everyone talks about saving the planet. The reality is we don’t have to save the planet, we have to save the planet’s ability to support human life.

But I digress, this is about consciousness. The very fact that we can read and write; I as the creator of this message and you as the recipient implies a matter of consciousness, the ability to discern this message from the background of experience. In human terms, it is a recognition of past, present, and future. I am sure most would agree, that animals, even higher animals, do not fret over an uncertain future, and their pining over the past is very limited. Yes, I have seen mother chimps holding their deceased young, but this passes quickly, and they move on.

The paradox of consciousness is simply this – with it we would not recognize a flow of time, a past, present, and future, and because of it, we can argue over the very truth of the flow of time, and the matter of the universe, creation, and Spirit. So we define ourselves, and in that definition we begin to recognize that we are creating a world around us, and losing touch with the natural world.

Because of consciousness, we argue over the nature of time and space, of things, concepts; like ‘yours’ and ‘mine’. While a creature of the earth like a lion or bear might quarrel with another over a piece of food, it is a quarrel of nature, not a quarrel of consciousness.

Consciousness then allows us (each) to define our reality, to create or deny divinity in our lives, intelligent design, creationism, or any other supposed truth. We even go so far as to quarrel over time, over the evidence buried in stone regarding the earth, and the cosmos. These are what Eckhart Tolle calls our ‘competing narratives’, or Robert Anton Wilson refers to as our ‘reality tunnels’.

What then is this thing? Science still cannot define consciousness, still debates over what it is, and where it exists. Some would tell us it only exists because of the nature and the construction of the human brain, and will continue to dissect corpses looking for the ‘seat of consciousness’, which is as Rumi says; like knocking on a door and when it opens realizing we have been knocking from the inside!

We are able to ask these questions because we are conscious(ness), and we debate what it is because of it … what greater paradox than that – the riddle (consciousness), inside an enigma – the human mind – not the brain, but the mind …

How does it end? It does not – In the words of CG Jung when asked what does he believe – his reply, “I do not need to believe, I know” And when we know there arises true compassion. An ache, a sadness, that if not for consciousness would bury the Spirit in matter forever, in a total eclipse of the Sun.

-gfs 2012

Image: http://www.stuartwildeblog.com/sws-jottings/2010/12/14/shimmer-in-the-glimmer-sw.html

A World of Whispers

I live in a world of whispers
a thousand voices in my ears
Tastes of moments talking
left without for all to hear

What forces will to let us be
so far away but near
Underneath a mask of tomes
and echoes ringing clear

Words in voices reaching
in letters, spaces, tones
Are always more revealing
than presence I have known

I will to see you clearly
voices cannot hide the proof
Behind a mask of happiness
the hurt reveals the truth

Take these empty words of mine
and write them in your mind
From them grows a nourishment
for what the ego’s come to find

Built with life’s impressions
into a soul’s reality
Letting Spirit linger waiting
for a sunrise to be free

Image: http://silvexis.com/2010/09/23/source-code-tragedy/