Independence Day


Words will wonder
Ways and roads
to wander
Days to spend alone
Or in the arms
of a lover

How sweet the dawn
the morning dew
beneath my feet
and the soft
Kentucky Blue

Sunlight reveals
The heart within
echoing rhythms
Breath circling
the Spirit

Songbirds calling
Their answers afar
She waits
in the forest
for her love
to return


love’s first light

Southern Harbor dawn, framed II

dreams becoming daylight breaks
the sun stood still in time
a moment when life’s longing would
fulfill our love in rhyme

smiling eyes are under covers
touching hearts will make us feel
all of life’s becoming dawns
what breath will soon reveal

wind outside the window sings
to kisses left on skin between
where love is never thought to be
or found in lands unseen

her eyes on dreams in violet haze
and heart beats melt into my arms
unveiling all her mysteries
and sharing all her sacred charms

Image: Courtesy of Google Images