The Abyss of Choice


Photo: Haleakala Mists – Maui, HI by gfs

Places in our memories hold
The lines of time within our mind
Leaves and branches bent and blowing
Again into this world to find

This eternal light within us
Hidden in the shrouds we wear
Longs to lift the ever after
Letting go of all the fear

As we melt into the choices
Essence wakes as wills unfold
Echoes always here returning
To the hands and hearts we hold

Enter through the waters falling
What courage leaps to the abyss
As voices fade beyond the yearning
The sun awaits the virgin’s kiss


Poetry and Hums

“But it isn’t easy” Pooh said to himself ..
“Because poetry and Hums aren’t things which you get,
they’re things which get YOU. And all you can
do is go to where they can find you”

Where the words descend
into every meaning
isn’t just through pen and ink
thoughts are outward seeming

To embrace a soft caress
the heart within them filled
lost before the page is turned
or broken by the will

Let them lie beyond the page
waiting for a hand to hold
scribbled words are witness to
unspoken stories told …