Reflections of the Inner Light


nothing is as it seems
heart strings are played
as if a toy lute
love sinks deep
into the abyss
looking for light
underneath source
is only a reflection
and cannot be seen
with all the eyes
in sadness
still staring
still tearing
only felt
with the heart
by the warm glow
an ever present
sacred sun
who gives life
to shadows
on the walls
as mirrors of
a bless’ed
inner light


Shadows of a New Moon


Shadows of a new moon lengthen
This penumbra of our fate
Slowly weaves a song in longing
Passed beyond the heaven’s gate

Dreams become the shadows longing
For creation’s joy to light
The ever after always turning
What the will has made of night

Orbs and essence blend and merge
Water colored days begun
Sun is rising in the heart song
Setting in the webs we’ve spun

Lies in living listen for them
Where words enfold a different tune
Truth unveils enlightened reason
Wakes the soul into the womb


Star Crossed eBook


Star Crossed
Is an eBook release in Jan 2015 of a collection of poems nearly all published on WordPress, now available on and coming soon to Amazon and Barnes and Noble

The term Star Crossed must be as old as literature itself. It occurred to me that so many of the poems I’ve written over the years were expressions of just such times and places – People who meet and because of the alignment or misalignment of the stars, some twist of fate, or long forgotten destiny, they are swept together and then apart by the tides of life, leaving them to wonder what it meant, does it have a meaning, and wondering at life; often setting them on another journey of discovery, one that may never end, or lead to more questions.

To this poet everything has meaning, and in these words it is my sincere desire that the reader will find solace in knowing he or she is not alone in feeling that the universe moves in ways we may never understand, and find re-assurance that in moments like these we touch the soul of life and that those feelings which words can barely express, remain, a truth, forever. Yes, at night I often wonder …

At night I often wonder
in bed before I sleep
the sound of distant thunder
reflecting dark and deep

of songs I heard in places
so far removed from here
resembling all the traces
of things I hold so dear

for the thoughts we come to keep
sacred in our heart
become the tears we know we weep
when dreams from us depart

yet only in our dreams we will
forever hold those times
always in the shadows still
the voice of hope still chimes

and as my sleep enfolds me
I cling to what I’ve known
yet longing always to be free
from what day’s light has shown

journeys in the night enfold
and often I embrace
the gifts of love in life I hold
brought to me through grace


time is a fault
as space
and distance
from home
from love

who declared
its reason
for being
and who
turned back
the clock

where you were born
matters in kind
and in if you mind
there will
come a time

someone decides
in passing (time)
the past once was
the future will be
and now
just now
I am
forever …


Image Courtesy of Google Images

Sea of Love


Where is the Light
Can I hide my eyes
From the morning Sun
Or a Full Moon rise
Without knowing
Its truth Rises
Within my Heart
and Soul Eternal

As the dew settles
On the early lawn
and the Wren sings
to the Light of Day
Hope is forever
bound up inside
the Breath of Life

Faith hidden within
its ceaseless motion
Waiting to be born
Aside this river
Where cool waters flow
As blessings into
a Sea of Love


I wonder


We look across the face of the planet – our Mother Earth – and wonder why we are here doing what we do, and if it has any meaning whatsoever. Or at least we should be. For too long there has been little doubt about the world, hearth, home, family, country, God … we are taught it is all covered, all that needs to be done is to live a good life, take as long as possible to die, and we are assured of eternal life. Period …
In Zen there is a saying “As children we are taught one and one makes two. We learn to be false. One and one makes one”
Let me try to explain –

I dream
and colors come
to sleeping eyes
at the sight
as answers unfold
and waking
set like
the sun

brave souls stood
before the dawn
on a high cliff
at the thought
of living
stepped toward
the abyss
and became

all they willed
wishes made real
dying to know
of the life
the breath
of believing
the shadow
is cast
to the light

time is
the motion
the movement
in sense
is alive


Covenant with Life


Life is calling
out from the slumber
of ages and eons
where belief was welcome
and knowledge seldom
something sought

In light’s reflection
on the waters
flowing through
our destinies
Still becoming
wills revealing
all our feeling
left undone

This shall be
a covenant
an everlasting song
Felt within the reason of
the moments still to be

Let these lessons learning
burning, everlasting
in our souls

Set the passion
into motion
along the path
the heart takes
In its keeping
Love imagined
Seals the truth
as embers of
these stars
in letting go


eye saw through

I felt the morning fog
burning off
with the rising
noon day sun
and on the wind
came a fragrance
of jasmine
and you

what made me tremble
chilled to the bone
melted away
as my thoughts
soon revolved
around the memory
of bare feet
and tidal pools

seabirds on the wind
drifting and calling
to one another
opened my heart
to the song
the moment
our eyes
saw through

These are the way
to the depths
of the soul
the life
left surrounding
its dream


places in our memories


there are places we remember
times or days in memory
others knowing where we stood
and all the ways we came to be

life is lessons some will say
learning always of the changes
distant days await their new dawn
leaves across the turning pages

open to another story
seasons of a life to live
not so far away in time
another memory to give

away for free the colors still
paint the distant way we loved
the company of strangers blessing
all the days we’re dreaming of

Photo by gfs – Independence Pass near Aspen, CO