Until we change our hearts

Photo: by gfs – Moses parting the Red Sea – Washington Park, Albany NY

Look at time and wonder why
It ever came to be
A veil unknowing shadows cursed
A world within regrets

What of the heart and of the head
Shall come to ever after
Return into another realm
Of lovers wrapped in lace

One day forsaken in the light
Found stolen years of youth
When leaving left them waiting for
The shadows of the night

Fall upon this path we’ve walked
Lies truth within the mind
We will never change the world
Until we change our hearts …


Memories of love


Where are the hours
constantly moving from view
to erase all the traces
faded the light
of days forgotten
still haunting the ever
green shadows

dusty days rise
as roads unwind behind
to all the ways
we travel
long journeys
from our home
beneath the sky

what comfort would come
settled by our nakedness
sun on skin
wind and open water
the sands of time
pour through the glass
and touch our longing

these are the words
letters enduring
notes echoed in ages
bird songs and blooms
of flowers faded
in the sun
as memories of love

Photo by gfs

The end never came …


I have to write some commentary tonight as this is the dawn of a New Age, and no one seems to be all that interested in it, when the reality is that we have now dodged the prophesies far too many times to not have someone – gfs 😉 – at least mention it in passing.

I will always remember sitting in the bar at Centereach Lanes, drinking pitchers of beer and listening to Barry McGuire’s one hit wonder ‘Eve of Destruction‘. So many have waited, and waited, and waited, for the end to come, and time after time they were disappointed.

Strangely enough some might say, the end has not come, but why? Even the Shamans were predicting it, and still it never came …

I’ll postulate this as theory, since proof, in an esoteric sense carries very little weight in the scientific mind — Slowly – ever so slowly, but in numbers significant enough to make a difference, we are finding our hearts, we -The People – are now at a point in the evolution of consciousness, that we are realizing and taking to heart, what the Worldly Philosophers have been telling us for ages and ages; We are all connected, what affects one, affects us all.

I was watching a film of the tornado that devastated Moore, Oklahoma, and for the first time, due to the pervasiveness of cell phone cameras with video capabilities, that whirlwind was filmed from start to finish. There is film of it forming, touching down, tearing across the land, and then simply spiraling up into the clouds … gone! Now, science will tell us there are a hundreds, even thousands of factors that cause the formation of a whirlwind, and every word they publish is true, only they miss the hidden factor, the most fantastic power in the world, – the human heart – I wonder why there are so many who have covered up in bathtubs, and bathrooms, who emerge safely when the structure is completely torn away. Or why the school teacher who huddled with her students and shouted over and over “By the grace of God, go away” and it did …

What grace lives within us to keep us safe, what great power, given to us by the creator, allows us to survive, and even thrive, when the world around us seems to be bending always toward that Eve of Destruction.

It is the heart, not the mind that saves the world – Time after time the asteroid that whizzes past the planet, never makes it nearer than the edge of the atmosphere. Why? Only the Almighty, and the Heart knows. Technology is of the mind. Love is of the heart. Which power are you willing to bet your life on?

Image: http://www.greatdreams.com/lessons/merkaba.htm