present tense

backward clock

trees know
they are meant to be
there is a saying
what is is
what was was
and what will be
will be
to be repeated
and believed

do we know time
is past a has been
or a future willed
to be
made real
the present tense
or is what was
never more
and what will be
just a matter
of knowing
we are



Sons of the gods
who walk among us
hands to hold
and hearts beyond
the reason
of Saints
and sinners
Words let
the waste
or The Way

Then should
the Father
coming to be
awakened by
in this
summer storm
quiet the thunder
fears revealed
nourish or flood
so feelings
will see

Ghosts ever
Holy, sacred
in glory
or secret
and ancient
in time
this worship
shall empty
love’s longing
water or wine
what Spirits
will be?


Pastel Sunrise

pastel sunrise

Summer suns, fading shadows
light splashed and splintered
in between
Life revealing in our days
reflecting all
the could have beens

Had we stayed into the night
another dawn would rise
Broken clouds
in pastel hues
that Angels brushed
across the skies

A thousand Suns on fire live
Within their rays
love comes to see
As every hand
that’s ever known
The alter
of the heart
will be

Eternal – Always – Evermore
the measure of the soul
Its meaning lost
in who we are
Knowing e’er becomes
the goal

So in this life
Each breath will fill
and leave the chest
a hollow place
Stars will streak
Across these nights
To guide us back
into our grace …


Mr. E

simple words, unspoken truth
a dream across the sky
leaves the poet wondering
the many questions, why?

we came into the world to find
the ways we will have chosen
to give ourselves a place to make
our thoughts forever frozen

until the sands of time return
and take what we create
as ages passed with wind and rain
the hour getting late …

for us to know the reasons for
the way we take and give
is more that just a happening
in days in which we live

the spirals of our life entwine
to reason why at all
we would become forever free
the answer to the fall


break down

broken on down
by the side of the road
changing the tire
given up from the load

the weight of the world
too much to bear
empties the trunk
and mounts up the spare

rolls on toward horizons
and space left to be
in time for arrival
of each destiny

e’er stop to think
those who rushed by
went on to their fate
their home in the sky

or later that night
when clouds fell to earth
a new mother labors
at life giving birth

saved by the tire
run flat by the road
slowed the river of life
let this flower unfold