Train of Thought

Grand Central

Stranded in Grand Central Station
While a sea of humanity rolled past
Looking forever at clocks and watches
None truly knew where they were bound

On a train on a rail on a line
Destinations framed sunrise or sunset
Each one entrained to be on time
Into the hollows and hallows of life

The line that was mine had lost its fire
and the city seemed waiting in light
Chestnuts called from the scented streets
Hailing, a cab checkered yellow arrived

“Cloisters” I spoke to the hack at the wheel
“It’ll cost you” the only reply
“Fare enough” and we entered the stream
Toward the palisades home in the sky

Red light and green and West Side Drive
Flowed a river in canyons of gold
Caused a belief in the moving of mountains
and a sadness at knowing the cost

Arriving my friend asked where I’d been
and where I was going tonight in the cold
“Tomorrow” the answer was simple and sure
Stashing the bills he just smiled

The sunset was splashed like none ever seen
and the moonrise shone silver and blue
Lost in time for a moment as the city below
flowed on endlessly into its dream …

The jewel within your eyes

The heart will tell its story
words that slowly pour
The wounds of generations
scattered in a storm

Slowly sings the sadness
written in the lines
Of all the times we parted
broken in our rhyme

Lost to worlds now far outside
the memory of seasons
Buried treasures waiting for
a poem to find the reasons

Raised into the living light
jewels we gave to time beyond
Become the crystals in the crown
of wounds from ages gone

How even if forgotten where
their mark was left within
We cannot free the senses from
the lessons we were gi’en

Resolving then to know this dream
we live within our eyes
As day breaks we awaken from
the twilight passing nigh …