Fading Flowers


Love lies leaving one behind
what sorry came to tell
The misbegotten words bespoke
of how it was we fell

From grace still everlasting
on parchment pages turned
Bound into our book of life
these lessons to be learned

Love is giving of the heart
between each beat we know
Stillness passes into dreams
and with each breath we grow

Believing all we will to be
becomes our testament to faith
As time turns fading memories
into the flowers soft bouquet

Image: http://www.etoya.ru/forum/birthdays/86250/

Fire in the Mind


Reach out to another
and find what was sought
Something unknowing
throughout endless thought

What we should realize
though never kept
How love it came calling
at times when we slept

And never believed
we ever would find
That burning unceasing
a fire in the mind

Until in consuming
all we’ve become
To realize unending
life in One

Father forgive them

Father forgive them
for they know not what they do
one thousand days of teaching
the thoughts of God to man

The lessons of the kingdom come
the dusty roads of earth still burn
lost inside this wilderness
I beseech you quench my thirst

Forgiveness steels a last temptation
to flee the plains of circumstance
where I recall your innocence
and your loving brings me home

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