When yesterday came

Photo by gfs – Haleakala Sunset, Maui HI

There was a story
Told by sages
Of times
And trials
Lost to memory
Written in stone
Broken into
Forgotten sands
Such are the pages
History told
In voices
Long silent
Language unknown
Ears shuttered
Truth is not words
The best evidence
Only found
In the fires
Of mind!


echoes in time


in drifting desert sand
dunes have rippled
for eternity
questions carved
in stone
as sunbeams
of gods
among us

rainforests hide
the scars
terrible sacrifice
in lunar shadows
greyed monsters
took maidens forsaken
giving up
their hearts

shadows of time
skyfalls and floods
revolts and circles
leave mysteries
beyond our sight
intuition supposes
where we’ve been
forevermore again

Image: http://www.kchanson.com/PHOTOS/gilgtab.html



Knights who stood before the Queen
Received her mercies and her grace
Left to stand now in between
Their armor and her lace

Trusting in their ancient skill
Worked by hammer into steel
Revealing all they ever will
Before her grace they kneel

Centuries of tales untold
A renaissance of man to learn
Unwritten words from days of old
Our longing always to return

Author’s note: Written after visiting the Renaissance Fair in Sterling, NY. Photo by -gfs

Letters from Iwo Jima

How many times I’ve held your hand
we walked within a noon day sun
how many moons have you waited for
the wind to bring me home

In legions standing still across
a mountain in some far off place
a clash of titans, shattered stillness
bolts of lightening leave this trace

Of metal shrill and distant thunder
in leather, lead, blood, and bone
etch the soul to ne’r forget
the nights we longed for home

A moment’s respite opens then
a door into our peaceful days
where lies of all the glory leave
and dreaming in your arms I lay

There winner was a relative term at Iwo Jima, yes the Allies got the air fields, but the hot sand was stained with the blood of far too many men, from the East and from the West, men who left families, lives, loves, and history, behind to serve the honor of their cause. All believing in one thing, only the Almighty knew if they would ever see their home again. Perhaps Plato was right when he said “Only the dead have seen the end of war”

Image: http://battlestory.org/index.php?p=1_93_Quotes-Excerpts