Sons of the gods
who walk among us
hands to hold
and hearts beyond
the reason
of Saints
and sinners
Words let
the waste
or The Way

Then should
the Father
coming to be
awakened by
in this
summer storm
quiet the thunder
fears revealed
nourish or flood
so feelings
will see

Ghosts ever
Holy, sacred
in glory
or secret
and ancient
in time
this worship
shall empty
love’s longing
water or wine
what Spirits
will be?


Moons of Venus

Persephone is bartered
into the depths of Hades
Lost from all her loving ties
and all her lovely ladies

Waiting for her every day
in sunlight ‘neath the sky
And every evening raining down
they heard Demeter cry

Bitter tears upon the Earth
as cold became her season
Anguish of her daughter lost
beyond the realm of reason

Icy winds flew through the hills
Snow falls deep within the forest
The palaces of ice beheld
In crystal blue the rivers dressed

Time unfolds within the world
of earth and sky and sea
Where living breath upholds the life
its fire longing to be free

And so the Sun returns to pass
the Winter from the Spring
A daughters journey back to light
the cradled soil warming

Their tears become the gentle showers
and seeds are given birth
The colors of world rejoice
Life springing from the Earth