Another Dream

shadows on stone

Shadows longing etched in stone
Reflections of their being
Presence stills the heart and mind
Inside where she lies dreaming

Of testaments to every word
The heart has come to know
A fruit to nourish all they will
While living here below

the heaven left when life began
Its breathing came to be
As light was formed so far beyond
A sunrise on this sea

of love their everlasting day
Reflecting in the saffron sun
Beneath the skin imagining
The wonders left undone

So there another evening rolls
and settles in these hearts
Clouds drift by the jealous moon
Another dream departs




Sons of the gods
who walk among us
hands to hold
and hearts beyond
the reason
of Saints
and sinners
Words let
the waste
or The Way

Then should
the Father
coming to be
awakened by
in this
summer storm
quiet the thunder
fears revealed
nourish or flood
so feelings
will see

Ghosts ever
Holy, sacred
in glory
or secret
and ancient
in time
this worship
shall empty
love’s longing
water or wine
what Spirits
will be?


Voices of Promise

Other Media

Silent the forest
holds ten thousand tongues
Souls reach for a voice
wait for a breath

With the lovers embrace
to come and enter
their story

What cries will be heard
songs to be sung
moments and measures
in the sharps and the flats

Melodies sewn into horizons
and snowfalls hushed
without sound

The nightfall has settled
as dew in the morning
The calling of doves
will remain

A sacred reminder
of promise to be
As cottonwood drifts
on the wind


Drinking up the Light


Came a season when
the moon felt closer
than earth
Where shadows fell
in sliver
and grew
as color faded
into black and white

So the night comes
I roll over
to see the stars
and still
the heart knows
its time
and place
Believing in darkness
drinking up the light

Feelings rise and fall
love returns
as surely as it goes
Springs follow Winters
Summer falls away
giving up life’s reasons;

Seasons bring
the change needed
to heal
As thought echoes
and feeling aches
The ebb tide flows
through living
The moon returns
Its face
turned ever toward
the Sun …

Photo: ‘Quaking Aspens’ by grandfathersky 2013

heart beats

P1030103 (2)

a heart has beats to measure
within the hours passing
dreams are left behind at dawn
the lessons still the blessing

eyes behold the soul of life
the feelings words won’t say
their hollow sound is broken down
into the roles we play

within the life to yield into
the storm that seems unending
learn the way the willow knows
where by the wind is bending

suns will rise and days will burn
by nights we will remember
without the sword or shields defense
the heart learns to surrender

Photo by gfs

Pastel Sunrise

pastel sunrise

Summer suns, fading shadows
light splashed and splintered
in between
Life revealing in our days
reflecting all
the could have beens

Had we stayed into the night
another dawn would rise
Broken clouds
in pastel hues
that Angels brushed
across the skies

A thousand Suns on fire live
Within their rays
love comes to see
As every hand
that’s ever known
The alter
of the heart
will be

Eternal – Always – Evermore
the measure of the soul
Its meaning lost
in who we are
Knowing e’er becomes
the goal

So in this life
Each breath will fill
and leave the chest
a hollow place
Stars will streak
Across these nights
To guide us back
into our grace …


Moons of Venus

Persephone is bartered
into the depths of Hades
Lost from all her loving ties
and all her lovely ladies

Waiting for her every day
in sunlight ‘neath the sky
And every evening raining down
they heard Demeter cry

Bitter tears upon the Earth
as cold became her season
Anguish of her daughter lost
beyond the realm of reason

Icy winds flew through the hills
Snow falls deep within the forest
The palaces of ice beheld
In crystal blue the rivers dressed

Time unfolds within the world
of earth and sky and sea
Where living breath upholds the life
its fire longing to be free

And so the Sun returns to pass
the Winter from the Spring
A daughters journey back to light
the cradled soil warming

Their tears become the gentle showers
and seeds are given birth
The colors of world rejoice
Life springing from the Earth