Independence Day


Words will wonder
Ways and roads
to wander
Days to spend alone
Or in the arms
of a lover

How sweet the dawn
the morning dew
beneath my feet
and the soft
Kentucky Blue

Sunlight reveals
The heart within
echoing rhythms
Breath circling
the Spirit

Songbirds calling
Their answers afar
She waits
in the forest
for her love
to return


New Year’s Evolution

snow on evergreeens

snow caresses evergreens
with filtered sunlight fading
the shadows of an old year set
with songs of auld lang syne

memories in cups of tea
silent dreams still savored
drinking in the autumn leaves
the fire of their colors

too soon becomes tomorrow
a New Year wish to have
and hold before a new dawn breaks
we’ll reminisce again

with wonder for the still to come
and all to be created
awaits our entrance through the gate
as time bends by the will


close reach


there is no better way to say goodbye
the ebb tide comes, sails billow, the world moves
and we wonder about the wind and water
rising and falling of the seas

every journey has an end and every end begins
a new day, a dawning of the sun, consciousness
returns and greets us again and again
nothing changes, only all of what we see and feel

time keeps everything from happening at once
love keeps everything happening forever
the waves we sail before, the doldrums, the rain
are places, as real as tomorrow, in our minds

there’s no better way to say goodbye
we did our best, told our heart’s stories
stole one last kiss before turning toward new day
and wrote another page in the story of our soul

who could ask for more from themselves or another
laugh and love, hurt and cry, these are memories
stories we will tell as the voyage goes on
in morning we’ll awake, and learn to love again the day


The end never came …


I have to write some commentary tonight as this is the dawn of a New Age, and no one seems to be all that interested in it, when the reality is that we have now dodged the prophesies far too many times to not have someone – gfs 😉 – at least mention it in passing.

I will always remember sitting in the bar at Centereach Lanes, drinking pitchers of beer and listening to Barry McGuire’s one hit wonder ‘Eve of Destruction‘. So many have waited, and waited, and waited, for the end to come, and time after time they were disappointed.

Strangely enough some might say, the end has not come, but why? Even the Shamans were predicting it, and still it never came …

I’ll postulate this as theory, since proof, in an esoteric sense carries very little weight in the scientific mind — Slowly – ever so slowly, but in numbers significant enough to make a difference, we are finding our hearts, we -The People – are now at a point in the evolution of consciousness, that we are realizing and taking to heart, what the Worldly Philosophers have been telling us for ages and ages; We are all connected, what affects one, affects us all.

I was watching a film of the tornado that devastated Moore, Oklahoma, and for the first time, due to the pervasiveness of cell phone cameras with video capabilities, that whirlwind was filmed from start to finish. There is film of it forming, touching down, tearing across the land, and then simply spiraling up into the clouds … gone! Now, science will tell us there are a hundreds, even thousands of factors that cause the formation of a whirlwind, and every word they publish is true, only they miss the hidden factor, the most fantastic power in the world, – the human heart – I wonder why there are so many who have covered up in bathtubs, and bathrooms, who emerge safely when the structure is completely torn away. Or why the school teacher who huddled with her students and shouted over and over “By the grace of God, go away” and it did …

What grace lives within us to keep us safe, what great power, given to us by the creator, allows us to survive, and even thrive, when the world around us seems to be bending always toward that Eve of Destruction.

It is the heart, not the mind that saves the world – Time after time the asteroid that whizzes past the planet, never makes it nearer than the edge of the atmosphere. Why? Only the Almighty, and the Heart knows. Technology is of the mind. Love is of the heart. Which power are you willing to bet your life on?




Rescued from another time
a message written in the lines
across the blaze of reason toward
the echoes still to find

Somewhere in another place
where hearts together find their song
refrain into a solemn purpose
to which we all belong

Not beyond a time or season
or far off distant world we lost
within this present place we stand
considering the cost

Of all we dared let come to be
when letting go of paradise
to wander to hereafter days
spread on wings into the skies

Image: by gfs

Hands around the world


In my mind I imagine this blog, and all the others I follow on a daily basis, as hands that reach out and touch each other circling the globe with a new way of thinking, a New Thought if you will, that is ushering in a time on the planet, that will be like no other. I find in people’s words a theme that runs through so many nations and cultures – that Love is our destiny. A love that runs deeper than the heart can know, higher than the mind can reach, one that finds each and every one of us connected by Spirit. We are a family – The Human Family – Spirit Man – the ones who walk between worlds, and share the very breadth and depth of our existence, through a web that the Hopi Prophecies predicted hundreds of years ago;
Someone dies and we are all saddened, one is born, or celebrates a birthday, and we are all filled with joy, one is hurt, and the outpouring of compassion is enough to heal the most incurable wound. I could never have thought that entering the blog-o-sphere would be such a rewarding, no that is too selfish – such a sharing, and caring experience. So on this night March 27, 2013 – somewhere in time – I am sending this tiny flash of thought to remind us all of these simple truths, and to say thank you, and offer blessings that I know at the very moment you are reading this are circling the globe with Love and Light!


Witness to War

Anyone who knows me, or has been following this blog for a period of time, will recognize that this title today is a subject that strikes deep into my heart, and I would even say soul.

I never heard of Janine diGiovanni before today, I came upon this talk while following another link, and found it full of understandings I have read from others; Greg Braden, talks about being the witness to wars, Nicholas Taleb stated in his book ‘The Black Swan’ that when war broke out in Lebanon people thought it would only last six months, Plato said, only the dead have seen the end of war …
Although she does not speak of him in this talk, whenever I hear of the Bosnian War I am reminded of the Cellist of Sarjevo, who regularly sat in public playing his Cello, defying the snipers who were laying siege to the city.
Please take ten minutes and listen to this woman and mother speak as a witness to war, she speaks for the silent ones, who so truly deserve our attention.

love song

in the wind lives a love song
not the one within our ears
nor the one that beats within
or moves our soul to tears

even by the harbor
where waves call out our name
hearts become unknotted knowing
nothing is the same

when once we have been taken
by the dream we left before
we fell to earth by welcoming
the life we had in store

in centuries of desert suns
as forests fall to moons
our keeping blends beyond the light
and time runs out too soon

would we never pass this way
to know our choice could only be
no less than what was given still;
through grace we came for free

Image and Authors Notes: If you have never heard of Mary Sparrowdancer, or read “Love Song of the Universe” I strongly recommend putting it on you reading list. Honest, sincere, inspired, moving. In it is one of the finest descriptions of Eternity I have ever experienced …

Blessed Sunrise


Tears never know their reason for falling
cannot ever tell the reason they came
Only speak from the soul, whispers of rumors
the reasons no two are ever the same

Falling with joy, or to wash away sorrow
waters within emerge with the tide
Of emotions becoming, all we would cherish
flowing from feelings these rivers inside

Of the heart ever taken and willing to give
its measure in beats to treasure the day
Found in the hand, long forgotten, now given
held in the blessing of life far away

From the ending now empty, forgotten in time
eternal the breath given up to the sky
Where once upon time was fallen forsaken
and days became anguish in living a lie

This will be always a day to remember
Tomorrow a New Year a New Day begins
Moments away there waits our new dawning
Blessed the new sunrise, forgiving our sins