Take a breath
Hold this moment
In your heart
In your hand
and remember
How it felt
to be together
Knowing the ache
Free, feeling
dreaming and waking
Realizing life
as a breath
and a heartbeat
Love given
and taken
Memories forever
and still
Echoes of hands
long held
and walks
long remembered
Sunsets passing
into time
Glorious, glorious
time …


moon shadows

Winter Moon Shadows

the clinging of winter asks a question
in what language does it speak
where are the ears to hear the voice
the rhyme and the reason
colors faded into ice blue
long nights spent in moon shadows
circling the sun and waiting
for the dawn to come
waiting for the answers hidden
frozen in time
across a star speckled sky
feel the warmth in creation
the out breathing of life
the heat of the heart within
looks back into time
searching the enigma for eternity


The Highwayman


Redux for a friend –

Dedicated to David D. Volturno who left this world doing what he loved on Jan 31, 2014 …

The Highwayman

He liked the smell of gasoline
burning oil mixed with the wind
following the open road
into horizons lost to him

Always there’s another road
that leads into a setting sun
offering its own reminders
of where the riders day has gone

Again the darkness grips the day
he’s rolling on into the night
this undaunted rider lingers
seeking purpose, lost in flight

Running from a haunted past
one that chose him, not the same
as what he would have wanted there
just a rook within the game

Shadows in the headlight dance
as if some spirit follows whole
a gilded knight dressed for battle
come to save the heart he stole

He’d been cut in many fights
and he had fallen hard and fast
felt wind that ripped at every stitch
with hands made hard by winters blast

Never mind for what he wanted –
was there ever hope to find?
No answers to the reasons why
his leaving here felt so unkind

This highwayman is bound for home
free from where these roads will bend
his distant echoes hold onto hearts
where in the light they’ll meet again

Image: Courtesy of his family

The River of Light

Orion Nebula

far beyond where dreams become
our sacred journey in the night
past a star swept Milky Way
thought flows within a stream of light

and in its course there comes to be
all that ever was or willed
now finds its essence here in form
desire clothed in thought fulfilled

has come to bear the witness of
life eternal in the mind
reflecting in this light of love
the truth forever came to find

within the heart we live again
and shall abiding always know
the light within the river bends
into each lifetime’s afterglow


New Year’s Evolution

snow on evergreeens

snow caresses evergreens
with filtered sunlight fading
the shadows of an old year set
with songs of auld lang syne

memories in cups of tea
silent dreams still savored
drinking in the autumn leaves
the fire of their colors

too soon becomes tomorrow
a New Year wish to have
and hold before a new dawn breaks
we’ll reminisce again

with wonder for the still to come
and all to be created
awaits our entrance through the gate
as time bends by the will


the loom of life

Native American Weaver

as children we’re taught to pledge
to do the things we’re told
because, of course, it’s good for us
despite the way it hurt

we went to school and learned
the contradictions to the golden rule
on the playground and in the gym
dodging balls and crowds of bullies

the lesson of abuse was to take the hurt
it made you a man, or a woman, and you grew
angry that life wasn’t easy, wasn’t always fair
and always told it was good for you

this was the way, every day, year in, year out
until you believed and followed the rules
maybe got drafted to serve and die for a flag
a promise of freedom you never understood

some were survivors, came home to find
the lie in believe and rarity of truth
innocence is born and then slowly undone
by the loom and the weaver in this fabric of life



Dear Readers,

I am creating a new category called Quatrains – On occasion I find that I cannot, through prose or poetry, express the meaning of what I am trying to share with you, and with the world. Words can be ill suited for the truth, and the truth is often blurred by the wild imaginings of the minds of men and woman.

It was in the movie “The Point” by Harry Nilsson that I first heard the words “You see what you want to see, and your hear what you want to hear” – No truer words were ever spoken, even if they are denied three times before the cock crows twice …

I find that I write in quatrains anyway, and thought I would try my hand at expressing thought in quatrains without the need for rhyme. So when I feel overwhelmed; by the news, by the world, by the driver who tail gated me all the way home, by the hundreds, even thousands of little things in living every day, that are so counter to the real truth, then in some quatrain the truth will be told.

Blessings for your days, and may the truth make you whole,


The end never came …


I have to write some commentary tonight as this is the dawn of a New Age, and no one seems to be all that interested in it, when the reality is that we have now dodged the prophesies far too many times to not have someone – gfs 😉 – at least mention it in passing.

I will always remember sitting in the bar at Centereach Lanes, drinking pitchers of beer and listening to Barry McGuire’s one hit wonder ‘Eve of Destruction‘. So many have waited, and waited, and waited, for the end to come, and time after time they were disappointed.

Strangely enough some might say, the end has not come, but why? Even the Shamans were predicting it, and still it never came …

I’ll postulate this as theory, since proof, in an esoteric sense carries very little weight in the scientific mind — Slowly – ever so slowly, but in numbers significant enough to make a difference, we are finding our hearts, we -The People – are now at a point in the evolution of consciousness, that we are realizing and taking to heart, what the Worldly Philosophers have been telling us for ages and ages; We are all connected, what affects one, affects us all.

I was watching a film of the tornado that devastated Moore, Oklahoma, and for the first time, due to the pervasiveness of cell phone cameras with video capabilities, that whirlwind was filmed from start to finish. There is film of it forming, touching down, tearing across the land, and then simply spiraling up into the clouds … gone! Now, science will tell us there are a hundreds, even thousands of factors that cause the formation of a whirlwind, and every word they publish is true, only they miss the hidden factor, the most fantastic power in the world, – the human heart – I wonder why there are so many who have covered up in bathtubs, and bathrooms, who emerge safely when the structure is completely torn away. Or why the school teacher who huddled with her students and shouted over and over “By the grace of God, go away” and it did …

What grace lives within us to keep us safe, what great power, given to us by the creator, allows us to survive, and even thrive, when the world around us seems to be bending always toward that Eve of Destruction.

It is the heart, not the mind that saves the world – Time after time the asteroid that whizzes past the planet, never makes it nearer than the edge of the atmosphere. Why? Only the Almighty, and the Heart knows. Technology is of the mind. Love is of the heart. Which power are you willing to bet your life on?