New Moon Rising


Flowers in the sun
as the new moon rises

rich soft brown soil
footsteps flow
with feelings

Were are they bound
as if
some destiny
cannot wait

For the
to recede
in the warm wind 
and the oceans
fill with love

Image: from NASA ISS 2003

Fading Flowers


Love lies leaving one behind
what sorry came to tell
The misbegotten words bespoke
of how it was we fell

From grace still everlasting
on parchment pages turned
Bound into our book of life
these lessons to be learned

Love is giving of the heart
between each beat we know
Stillness passes into dreams
and with each breath we grow

Believing all we will to be
becomes our testament to faith
As time turns fading memories
into the flowers soft bouquet


Waiting for the Sun


Each day grows
As does my longing
For warmth,
for Loves’ return

Buttercups in bloom
Air warm with rain
Sun filled mornings
Robins dancing

Rich earth thaws
Forests are stirring
People will open
Windows and hearts

Winter memories
Of icy wind
Long nights and
north stars

Fade quickly
As forsythias bloom
Rose buds wait
for summer sun

Seasons keep faith
Are proof of life
Snow melts to rivers
Persephone returns!




Grass in the evening
shorn to the ground
Lights ever fading
days falling around

The twilight that whispers
of love on the way
And dreams ever after
lost, far and away

In noon-tides where sunlight
fell soft to earth
Where longing became
a moment of birth

Toward seasons withholding
and shimmering snow
Its hope ever drifting
in roots lost below

Still frozen and waiting
in faith for the spring
To wildflowers blooming
a warm summer evening

Is patience abiding
love written in sprays
Given free to the travelers
passing their way