Crystal Eyes

what memories
live inside
these words
what feelings
lie hushed
under a morning
of new fallen

through icy fingers
in her mind
the way Spring’s
swollen streams
wash hilltop
tumble stones
into greening

maybe he
held her gaze
too long
in dreams
crystal eyes
wide open
where the heart
yearns to hold
onto colors
faded to black
and white
between sheets
of rain
and thoughts of
coming home


Hands around the world


In my mind I imagine this blog, and all the others I follow on a daily basis, as hands that reach out and touch each other circling the globe with a new way of thinking, a New Thought if you will, that is ushering in a time on the planet, that will be like no other. I find in people’s words a theme that runs through so many nations and cultures – that Love is our destiny. A love that runs deeper than the heart can know, higher than the mind can reach, one that finds each and every one of us connected by Spirit. We are a family – The Human Family – Spirit Man – the ones who walk between worlds, and share the very breadth and depth of our existence, through a web that the Hopi Prophecies predicted hundreds of years ago;
Someone dies and we are all saddened, one is born, or celebrates a birthday, and we are all filled with joy, one is hurt, and the outpouring of compassion is enough to heal the most incurable wound. I could never have thought that entering the blog-o-sphere would be such a rewarding, no that is too selfish – such a sharing, and caring experience. So on this night March 27, 2013 – somewhere in time – I am sending this tiny flash of thought to remind us all of these simple truths, and to say thank you, and offer blessings that I know at the very moment you are reading this are circling the globe with Love and Light!


Thoughts are things

Thru my eyes I see
there are no truths
only questions longing
for time to reveal

Thoughts are things
creating our moments
Our moods are places
making our world seem real

Can we explain time?
It does not exist
apart from the mind
into moments now we seal

Another place exists
within the one where we stand
Two the same persist
one is all we feel

Here is the conflict that we can create through our will, through our actions. I have learned we must always consider others. Hearts, lives, emotions, feelings. These are the things not to be taken lightly, for there are attachments and consequences. There are promises of the heart made, broken, forgiven. Beware of how our choices can change the world. Even if we think we act in kindness or with someones approval, we, after all, must answer to our own conscience, and we will always harbor the fruits of our behaviors.

thief of hearts

Courtesy: Google Images

around the corner
lived a man
‘twas called a thief
and a lover
and a fool
called a name
wondered why
gave a reason
there’s none
to keep

not because he is
were are we
is there no way
to say; Spirit is
to speak its name
is to lose the love
don’t believe a word
don’t believe the lie

understand the truth
lies hidden
in the sounds
and the seasons
of our lives
passing slowly
too quick to show
this thief of hearts
knew and wouldn’t say

what was
what is
what will be

has been
still is
always shall



In a word we try
to wrap up our heart,
In the saving grace
of our God.

We want to know
it’s ok to go,
And ok to stay
behind …

Lost in a storm
But doing just fine,
Our inner peace,
just as well.

Will catch us up;
in time, too soon.
When we’re ready,
to come out and play.

A child who seeks
her corner of heaven,
drifting in clouds,
far away.

Truth is life leading,
and asking we follow.
A road we may never
have dreamed.

Leads to the lessons.
the person we are,
the someone,
we needed to be.

The life in between,
Desire and dreams,
Is given regardless,
of willingness spent.

To unwrap our lives,
from endless remorse
Toward solace unknown,
are the answers
to be …

I don’t believe in closure. I think the word as it is used, was made up by the media to give them more stories to tell. When losing someone or something in our lives we can never encapsulate that loss into a single word, into a definition that is ‘closure’. Imagine that somehow, someway, we can take all our feelings and emotions, and have our thoughts say “It’s OK now, I have closure, so now I can move on.” Honestly, this is just not going to happen – The two words ‘feelings’ and ‘closure’ are diametrically opposed. All we can have are lessons in life, and all we can do with them is grow (or not). If we are always seeking closure, then are we really growing? Yet if we touch our feelings, and learn they are now a part of our past, and we don’t live there anymore; Then we see we have planted the seed, that we water with our tears, that will one day bloom into our true self. The one we came here to know.